Lithium pharmacology


  1. link Goddess2244
    Lamictal bald patch, fried foods, seroquel, rest of my life, lithium
    Hi everyone: I'm on 200g of Lamictal. It has stabilized my mood a little bit, but I've gained 10 pounds and can't lose it despite working out 2 hours - 80% more...
    Goddess2244- over a year ago - in Lamictal
  2. link Tlauren
    Lamictal bipolar, meds, headaches, manic episodes, lamictal
    I have been on Lamictal for one week and feel terrible!! I'm using the meds to treat bipolar. My chest feels tight...I am exhausted all day...feel as - 52% more...
    Tlauren- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lamictal
  3. link Susiebaltimore
    Sorry, no good news here. After two agonizing months on Lamictal, my second and most recentn psychiatrist and I thought it best to return to an old re - 73% more...
    Susiebaltimore- over a year ago
  4. link Med-private
    Lithium Carbonate upset stomach, lithium, topomax, lamictal, vomiting
    I am up at this moment, because my stomach is hurting from the lithium. I've been on it now for about a year, but my stomach just started hurting at n - 73% more...
    Med-private- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Lithium Carbonate
  5. link Bobbyg21
    i am bipolar and have been on and off lithium for a number of yrs. i make the mistake of quitting meds when i feel better, and have functioned well fo - 73% more...
    Bobbyg21- over a year ago
  6. link Sponge24
    I can not walk
    I had been on Lamictal 100 mg at bedtime since last thanksgiving I take it for bi-polar.I also take Elavil for my back pain which has been fine.I have - 81% more...
    Sponge24- over a year ago - in Lamictal Orange
  7. link Njcukett
    Singulair stomach, best bet, twilight zone, cause and effect, pharmacology
    Hey Singulair Friends - My son has been off of it a little over a month and is still complaining of stomach aches. Are any of your kids still complain - 43% more...
    Njcukett- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Singulair
  8. link Concernedcitizen
    Leukotrienes are the twilight zone of pharmacology. I will try to explain later. It has to do with cause and effect going in a circle. The only way ou - 35% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago
  9. link Concernedcitizen
    Singulair merck research laboratories, smooth muscle cells, intracellular signaling pathways, immune system functions, leukotriene receptors
    CysLT1 receptor (the one that Singulair blocks) is also expressed (shows up) in the spleen. I have not seen anything yet that says what it does in the - 93% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago - in Singulair
  10. link Concernedcitizen
    Singulair gene expression profile, leukotriene antagonists, drug sensitivity, genetic reasons, montelukast
    Hopefully this will prove to the doubters that there are genetic reasons for the variation of efficacy and adverse side effective when taking Monteluk - 97% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Singulair
  11. link Concernedcitizen
    The cysLT1 receptor was known to be a gene in 1999 and believed to be on the x chromosome. All: 1 Review: 0 Click to change filter selection through M - 93% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago
  12. link Concernedcitizen
    Singulair focal cerebral ischemia, ischemic injury, zhejiang university, astrocyte, chinese researchers
    Singulair does interact with the astrocyte in the brain. The role of the cysLT1 receptor (Singulair blocks this receptor) and the astrocyte in the bra - 97% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Singulair
  13. link Matthewct1
    Singulair inhaled corticosteroids, adhd symptoms, pediatric asthma, abc news, bipolar disorder
    I have communicated directly with Leslie Hendeles, a leading professor of pharmacology and pediatrics at the University of Florida who's direct quote - 91% more...
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  14. link Sokerkeepr
    Advair HFA gluten free diet, single case study, possible adverse effects, medication therapy, causal relationship
    I am very skeptical of all of the claims I have read here. I am no advocate of GSK or any other drug company for that matter, but I think people are g - 88% more...
    Sokerkeepr- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Advair HFA
  15. link Rosslyn
    Lamictal cortisone injection, mg codeine, severe headaches, gravol, plantar facsiitis
    My chronic pain has really increased since being on Lamictal for 15 months for bipolar. I have had fibromyalgia for years. The bipolar developed after - 86% more...
    Rosslyn- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lamictal
  16. link Absisback
    Hi Rosslyn. I have a 20+ year history of migraines and have severe back pain problems as well. When I went on Lamictal, I tapered up to a dose of 400 - 88% more...
    Absisback- over a year ago
  17. link Cheflette
    Singulair allergy symptoms, mild side, outrageous behavior, cymbalta, abilify
    In response to Concernedcitizen with regard to the additional medications prescribed, we never got that far, but we were close. My son, as I've mentio - 94% more...
    Cheflette- over a year ago - in Singulair
  18. link Creativewz
    Lamictal numbness, bipolar symptoms, constant headaches, lamictal, vitamin mineral
    I have started Lamictal and I have numbness on the right side of my face.
    Creativewz- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lamictal
  19. link Rosslyn
    Hi, I also developed numbness on the right side of my face, after about 11 months on Lamictal. I geared down off the Lamictal recently because it was - 77% more...
    Rosslyn- over a year ago
  20. link Dragonwitch
    Lamictal tylenol 3 with codeine, chinese herbs, desided, swollen lymphnodes, pnuemonia
    I was diagnosed bipolar a year ago and worked my way up to 200 mg of Lamictal a day but recently desided to wean myself off of it as I have found some - 89% more...
    Dragonwitch- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lamictal
  21. link Rosslyn
    Hi, How is your foot pain now? I, too, developed severe left foot pain after being on Lamictal for about 11 months. It was diagnosed as plantar fascii - 91% more...
    Rosslyn- over a year ago
  22. link Concernedcitizen
    Singulair summary of product characteristics, adverse drug reactions, night mares, clinical pharmacology, treatment duration
    I would also like to point out a table that was in the Swedish study that showed what the adverse drug reactions were. It lists that children had nigh - 91% more...
    Concernedcitizen- over a year ago - in Singulair
  23. link Desperatemom1
    Singulair self medicate, ridilin, school changes, permanent damage, school grades
    I have a 15 yr old son, that has been on Singulair for 4 years. He used to complain to me about not being able to sleep through the night, he couldn't - 94% more...
    Desperatemom1- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Singulair
  24. link Lanaw
    Singulair emotional side effects, terrible nightmares, mild asthma, clinical pharmacology, pulmonologist
    I have read what everyone has said about the side of effects of Singulair. I really thought it was safe as for I researched the side effects and the c - 81% more...
    Lanaw- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Singulair
  25. link Kameronsmama
    Singulair bloody noses, precious smile, anger issues, everyones lives, friends children
    Good evening all....I as well as you all have a story to share about my son. Kameron lived the terrible twos to the fullest and turned into the bigges - 91% more...
    Kameronsmama- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Singulair
  26. link Matthewct1
    I'm glad you're on the right track. It must have been traumatic seeing your son behave like that. I have corresponded directly with a leading professo - 81% more...
    Matthewct1- over a year ago