1. link Acesand8_s
    Methadose sexual desire, hydracodone, methadone, chronic pain, docter
    I have been taking Methadone for chronic pain for over three years,along with Hydracodone. "I have developed an addiction". I have lost the - 70% more...
    Acesand8_s- over a year ago - in Methadose
  2. link Klball
    Methadone Hydrochloride
    i sweat so much i get sick
    Klball- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  3. link Fullertongintonic
    Methadose arms and legs, methadone, chills
    I was on Methadone 40mg per day for about a month, it worked well for pain and to help me sleep, but when it was time to give it up, it was impossible - 43% more...
    Fullertongintonic- over a year ago - in Methadose
  4. link Riorita
    Methadone Hydrochloride blurred vision
    blurred vision
    Riorita- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  5. link Cyndy5875
    Methadone Hydrochloride methadone, living nightmare, grace of god, totalled, memory
    I just wanted to say that I have experienced a living nightmare with my husband's past and present use of methadone. He burnt everything in our house, - 77% more...
    Cyndy5875- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  6. link Chunkmonkey
    Methadone Hydrochloride methadone, elses, distortion
    does methadone affect any one elses hearing Loud sounds get harsh & distorted , Its not a ringing effect more like a distortion of the sounds one - 17% more...
    Chunkmonkey- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  7. link Sexyrockandrollrider
    Methadone Hydrochloride two days straight, methadone, puke, painkiller
    it made me puke for two days straight. I only took two. I think methadone is the worst painkiller you can get prescribed to you.
    Sexyrockandrollrider- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  8. link Larsja
    Methadose wieght loss, hair loss, lost interest, longer works, methadone
    weight gain, hair loss, I feel tired all the time. I have lost interest in doing anything. Nothing excites me any longer. It is like I have lost my pa - 75% more...
    Larsja- over a year ago - in Methadose
  9. link Tjmdetermined
    Methadone Hydrochloride milligrams, going crazy
    I'm really scared right now. My heart,,, i think is destroyed. I can not stop shaking at night. I stopped taking just 20 milligrams a day and still I - 21% more...
    Tjmdetermined- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  10. link Tanglewoodsummer
    Methadone Hydrochloride self concious, lose my mind, blimp, methadone, gaining weight
    Within the first year of being on methadone,I have gained back the 100 pounds I had just lost .I am still gaining and ready to lose my mind.I continue - 65% more...
    Tanglewoodsummer- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  11. link Sveikas13a
    Methadone Hydrochloride full blown aids, washing dishes, hot flashes, wound care, grocery store
    After two yrs on MMT my legs swelled up. Open sores are festering Wound care almost healed them Fluid is now weeping like sweat from my leg. My doctor - 75% more...
    Sveikas13a- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  12. link Cristiann
    Methadone Hydrochloride cigarettes
    My side effects have been in the evening I get very dizzy and will fall asleep anywhrer, like standing up. I also have trouble voiding. I have fallen - 36% more...
    Cristiann- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  13. link Leo9
    Methadone Hydrochloride extreme anxiety, shakiness
    I wake every morning feeling extreme anxiety, shakiness and nausea.
    Leo9- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  14. link Bwri
    Methadone Hydrochloride menstraul cycle, frequent urination, aching, joints, hot flashes
    December 7, 2004 my partner and i are both taking methadone, we both have severe aching in joints, frequent urination. And with the white methadones w - 55% more...
    Bwri- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  15. link Catmaugy
    Methadone Hydrochloride methadone, interstitial cystitis, chronic pain, edema, water retention
    I take many medications for different ailments. I started to have severe edema of feet, ankles, legs, thighs, and also face. I was precribed, depakote - 80% more...
    Catmaugy- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  16. link Gjackof
    Methadone Hydrochloride body aches, eight years old, excerise, i am ready, vitamins
    memory is going fast. but I always had a problem since I was eight years old; Now I am fifty seven and on the program since, I think,fifty two, right - 63% more...
    Gjackof- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  17. link Isabelle
    Methadone Hydrochloride irregular menstrual cycles, sweating problems, mestruation, methadone
    I do have sweating problems, also was wondering if others who have been using methadone for a long time have ceased to have mestruation or have irregu - 13% more...
    Isabelle- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  18. link Morbidmana
    Methadone Hydrochloride suppose to do, headace, durg, constipation, shoulders
    i am having headace's extreme constipation, it isnt taking my pains away like it is suppose to i take 10mg a day is it suppose to do this i hurt all t - 46% more...
    Morbidmana- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  19. link Nixonnic
    Methadone Hydrochloride go upstairs, back of my neck, methadone, comming, shoulders
    i was setting on my computer the other night got up to go upstairs half why there i got out of breath and my heart started to throbb like it was commi - 70% more...
    Nixonnic- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride
  20. link Grnwho
    Methadone Hydrochloride methadone, fac
    it is very addicting,my son is on a program to get off "H" he is now taking "under "doctors" directions"methadone as a c - 44% more...
    Grnwho- over a year ago - in Methadone Hydrochloride