Effective refractory period


  1. link Pjlindgren
    Ovidrel blood test, aol, margin of error, clomid
    I took ovidrel and was wondering if can delay your cycle? I also took clomid and dont see cycle delaying as a side effects. my period is 5 days late. - 52% more...
    Pjlindgren- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
  2. link Carenehlw
    Aviane severe headaches, three days straight, alesse
    Since switching to Aviane from Alesse a month ago, I've had increased incidence of severe headaches and am having the heaviest period of my life! I am - 27% more...
    Carenehlw- over a year ago - in Aviane
  3. link John678
    Why does Lorazepam improve my vision??
    I have a serious vision problem. I only see out of one eye and that has had many surgeries including removal of lens, retina reattachment, and two cor - 87% more...
    John678- over a year ago - in Lorazepam
  4. link Km718ny
    Ovcon pregnancy test
    I have been on Ovcon for two months. The first month everything was fine. The next month (November) which is the month in question, I missed four of m - 50% more...
    Km718ny- over a year ago - in Ovcon
  5. link Eugenetay69
    Neurontin trigeminal neuralgia, ltr, zombie, few minutes, tires
    I was taking Neurontin for about 11/2 years at the peak was taking 10 tablets of 300mg each for my Trigeminal Neuralgia problem. I felt like a zombie - 68% more...
    Eugenetay69- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  6. link Boogielyn3
    Anyone had problems with liver or severe itching with rash?
    I have been taking Klonopin for, oh I guess, about 15 years now. The treatment of panic attacks that I have had since my mid 20's, darn near 40 years - 90% more...
    Boogielyn3- over a year ago - in Klonopin
  7. link Crzyangel00
    A question about Aviane
    Hi, I have a question. I am taking Aviane but I started my period before I finished the pack. I was on my "green pills", the 4rth one, when - 55% more...
    Crzyangel00- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Aviane
  8. link Websterx
    Is there any statistical information about the stage in Xeloda treatment that adverse events manifest themselves. Do they appear in first week of trea - 56% more...
    Websterx- over a year ago - in Xeloda
  9. link Missyflemingm
    switching pills
    i have used triphasil for the last 7 years (with a break for the past year due to planned pregnancy), My insurance is covering trivora as a generic su - 53% more...
    Missyflemingm- over a year ago - in Trivora
  10. link Scottj
    Is Vicam effective.
    Scottj- over a year ago - in Vicam
  11. link Rdenbo
    Xalatan weakness, period
    Has anyone experienced weakness from the administration of xalatan? I having been using it for about 6 weeks and seem to be experiencing periods of lo - 8% more...
    Rdenbo- over a year ago - in Xalatan
  12. link Coleen.glosch
    Yasmin breakthrough bleeding, pimples, boils, period
    Periods are very heavy, painful and long- 8 days. I get large painful pimples, almost boils, on my chin at the start of each period. Didn't have these - 41% more...
    Coleen.glosch- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  13. link Melanie.tschiersch
    Yasmin sore breasts, breast size, time period
    I have been on Yasmin for 1 month and during that entire time period I have experienced very sore breasts that are tender and very painful, to the poi - 50% more...
    Melanie.tschiersch- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  14. link Pammy
    Celexa shakey, weight gain
    I was also on Celexa for a period of time I gained weight also, was shakey, and doctor took me off and put me on something else
    Pammy- over a year ago - in Celexa