Effective refractory period


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    Yasmin stomach pain, pimples, birth control pills, levlite, endometriosis
    I have been on Yasmin for two months. I was on Levlite which I had to go off of, because I was having long unending spottings midmonth, then Levlen wh - 97% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin urination, abdominal cramps, leg cramps, vomitting, breasts
    I have been taking Yasmin for 7 months now. Although not as bad as it was at the beginning, I still get nausea and vomitting. I have gained a few poun - 68% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin breasts, mood swings, loss of sleep, dehydration, smoker
    I started taking Yasmin to stop my periods. I've been on Yasmin for 2 months and I LOVE IT! I simply throw away the inactive pills and take the active - 79% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin alesse, weight gain, chronic headaches, water retention, gain tons
    I have gained weight while on Yasmin and suffer chronic headaches. I started this pill after my wonder drug, Alesse, stopped being effective for me. M - 74% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Levaquin bactrim, hives, uti, short period
    I took one dose of Levaquin today for a UTI and within a short period of time had several hives. After reading all of these posts Bactrim it is! THANK - 4% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Levaquin
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    Ovcon period
    I have been taking Orthotricylen for the past 5 years and last month I took Ovcon. My periods have always been heavy and dicomforting. This is the fir - 51% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Ovcon
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    Ultracet back and neck pain, pain reliever, back aches, chronic back, codeine
    I have chronic back aches and headaches. My doctor prescribed Ultracet and I began taking it today. It hasn't TOUCHED my back and neck pain. I'm also - 55% more...
    Jacqline8- over a year ago - in Ultracet
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    About 13 years ago I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. My specialist in this ailment had me taking two 500 mg of Sulfasalazine each day. This do - 69% more...
    Gaul- over a year ago - in Sulfasalazine
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    Allegra severe back pain, menstrual pain
    i have expereince severe back pain and menstrual pain. In fact Allegra seems to have caused my period to linger for approximately 4 weeks. This mornin - 53% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Allegra
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    Pregnancy -Side effects
    My husband and I are planning to start a family and was wondering if Allegra has been proven to be safe for use during pregnancy. It seems to be the o - 63% more...
    Architchat- over a year ago - in Allegra
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    Zyprexa milligram, tht, dizziness, cigarette
    i have been on zyprexa for about a month and have had LOTS of the side effects of it. My milligram intake was reduced and the side effects have faded. - 62% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Zyprexa
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    Kenalog kenalog shot, sinus, period
    Since I had a kenalog shot for sinus issues I have had longer periods and spotting in between? Could it be from the Kenalog? My doctor never mentioned - 4% more...
    Tjhalv- over a year ago - in Kenalog
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    Yasmin food cravings, salt tomato, tomato sauce, tingling in arm, bloated
    Been on it 9 days; immediately began experiencing intense food cravings (for salt, tomato sauce) like I do just before my period. Also increase in app - 66% more...
    Nmgrasse- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin birth control pills, psychotic thoughts, heart attacks, have decided that, symptoms of pregnancy
    I have decided that never, ever again will I be on any 'hormone therapy' again, including birth control pills. I am now 32, and was having shortened p - 94% more...
    Xxx.songbird- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin thirst, pms, headaches, breasts, melissa
    Well I posted before regarding severe thirst the first week of Yasming. Well i have now done a full month. The thirst went away. I have lost weight. T - 66% more...
    Melissad- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Lupron hot flashes, weight gain
    I am done with Lupron I had my last shot in October of 2002 and I still haven't started my period. I have had sever hot flashes. Severe weight gain. A - 39% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Lupron
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    I took Yasmin for six days in January. That was the first and only time that I have ever been on any type of birth control. Due to personal reasons I - 70% more...
    Simola- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin headaches, period
    since starting the pill i have became very down and snappy and never feel quite myself, my periods are worse and I suffer from headaches constantly wh - 36% more...
    Sarah_louise_parker- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin birth control pills, sugar pills, decreased libido, hormones, correct levels
    after reading the posted notes that others have been writting i was very much amazed at all the side effects that were talked about. i work for an ob/ - 89% more...
    Molvs22- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    I'm going into the hopital because the Doctor told me I had to be monitored while they start me on Tikosyn. I don't know much of this new medication, - 66% more...
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