1. link Adrvictim
    Levaquin muscle spasms, nerve endings, severe back pain, neurontin, antibiotic
    I have been seriously ill for 8 months now after taking 3 500 mg. doses of Levaquin for a simple uncomplicated UTI. My doctor assured me that the anti - 96% more...
    Adrvictim- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levaquin
  2. link Babydaliam67
    Hi I've been on and off lupron for 2 years.. I have thorasic endo (lung) ...I've had 7 shots at 3.75 and the last one Dec 2002 at 11.25. I've had and - 76% more...
    Babydaliam67- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lupron
  3. link David17025
    Advair HFA spring and autumn, pulmonary specialist, advair, pnemonia, air pollution
    I was sent to a pulmonary specialist by my family doctor in late December 2002, and the 'specialist' arbitrarily took me off the Flovent(twice daily) - 94% more...
    David17025- over a year ago - in Advair HFA
  4. link Leshko
    Levaquin maxillary sinus, sinus infection, sinus infections, levaquin 500mg, sinus symptoms
    Finally, I have found a site that makes sense of how I am feeling. End of Oct, went to Dr for severe migraine-like headaches, no other cold or sinus s - 96% more...
    Leshko- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  5. link Guest204
    Prozac bumps, nightmare, literally
    I had incredible itching from Prozac. I was on it for about 3 months. I literally left scares from the cratching. It was not an allergic reation, I ha - 44% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Prozac
  6. link Lavender1905
    Zoloft anxiety medication, depression, quack, stiff neck, prozac
    Zoloft was in my system for three days before the horrible nightmare of "side effects" began. Extremely stiff neck. Black diarreah. I wander - 88% more...
    Lavender1905- over a year ago - in Zoloft
  7. link Ejsulla
    Remeron for over one year
    I've been on remeron for over one year, currently at 60mg/day. I don't know why my Dr. has me on this amount, as everything I have found in my researc - 91% more...
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  8. link Jfox8
    Paxil nightmare
    I am finally weened from this nightmare drug.... It only enhanced my problems. I am happy to be back to normal(my normal)and normal wasn't that bad. D - 40% more...
    Jfox8- over a year ago - in Paxil