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  1. link Mela39
    Yasmin finding a new job, new apartment, old routine, gaining weight, oatmeal
    I posted a while back about the symptoms I was experiencing from Yasmin. Well, I've been off of the drug for just about a month now. My libido has DRA - 92% more...
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  2. link Mombrooke
    Hi I posted awhile back ago also about all the horrible side effects and feeling crappy. I was on yasmin, but was also taking lexapro for my moods and - 93% more...
    Mombrooke- over a year ago
  3. link Cazza2020
    Yasmin bayer schering, barr pharmaceuticals, legal options, generic version, google
    A federal court in New Jersey on Monday invalidated Bayer Schering's patent on its oral contraceptive Yasmin, ruling in favor of a challenge filed by - 64% more...
    Cazza2020- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Mirena acne breakouts, severe anxiety, anxiety attacks, mid dec, weird cause
    I had the Mirena inserted on 06/19/08, a day before I was scheduled for my second back surgery. Yea, I maybe should've waited but it took me 3 months - 93% more...
    Valsalinas- over a year ago - in Mirena
  5. link Kstop58
    PredniSONE poison ivy, triglyceride level, vegan diet, drastic changes, triglyceride levels
    After reading previous postings, my experience seems so minor. I was on prednisone for about 2 weeks, starting at 50mg per day for 5 days, then 40mg f - 85% more...
    Kstop58- over a year ago - in PredniSONE
  6. link Zsmom
    Singulair adverse event reporting system, advocacy group, dave miller, markle, adverse reactions
    I have founded an advocacy group called Parents United for Pharmaceutical Safety and Accountability. The activities of this group will include support - 89% more...
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  7. link Sarahsmom
    I work in charitable gambling and if I can help fundraise in any way let me know. Are you applying for 501c3 nonprofit status? Let me know if I can he - 56% more...
    Sarahsmom- over a year ago
  8. link Lizzers
    Yasmin medication works, steroid therapy, dhe, medication, status migrainosus
    I just spent the last 4 days in the hospital due to "status migrainosus" (a severe migraine that can only be treated by hospitalization/IV. - 68% more...
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  9. link Gameshowaddict
    Lamictal primidone, clear skin, skin rashes, neurologist, seizure
    I am 32 years old, and still have acne. I have been taking it for almost 14 years now. I know that Lamictal causes skin rashes. I asked my neurologist - 66% more...
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  10. link Gameshowaddict
    Where where I find Murad? I never heard of it. I am using Clearasil Ultra Acne Scrub right now, and the Clearasil Ultra pads. I used that stuff years - 89% more...
    Gameshowaddict- over a year ago
  11. link Arianna
    Yasmin cause depression, nurse practitioner, malaise, old woman, meds
    I have only been taking Yasmin for a week. I am a healthy 35 year old woman and had not taken the pill in over 7 years. It is so OBVIOUS and striking - 80% more...
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  12. link Goldfinger
    Fentanyl body tremors, horrible stress, stress and anxiety, stomack, cant remeber
    Well here goes, I paranoid, cant go to the bathroom a lot of times, sweaty t times, sick at stomach here and there, get cold limbs sometimes. Cant rem - 91% more...
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  13. link Maggiemae007
    Diovan soles of my feet, blood pressure medication, medication, fda website, feet legs
    I just started taking Diovan (one dose) after taking another blood pressure medication which had horrible side effects. I feel fine, except for extrem - 61% more...
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    Sugarfoot- over a year ago
  15. link Cat24
    Loestrin 24 Fe depression anxiety, mini stroke, stomach pains, holy crap, shits
    I'm 25, and I have never used bc. I was given this from my gyno. because my bf kept taking off his thingy. So the first day, the very first day my hai - 89% more...
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  16. link Missmeghann
    I started using Loestrin 24 about 3 months ago. I almost never get my period now that I've switched from EstroStep. I really liked EstroStep, but my b - 83% more...
    Missmeghann- over a year ago
  17. link Maryrn
    PredniSONE auto immune diseases, health care power, soap operas, amlactin, getting in my way
    Hi all. I would just like to agree that PredniSone sucks but it is the best out there for these diseases especially the auto-immune diseases. Drug com - 93% more...
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  18. link Maryrn
    Not sick. It is just when the patent goes away the price plummets. Same reason why plain old penicillin is dirt cheap and why Walmart can charge 4.00 - 13% more...
    Maryrn- over a year ago
  19. link Happiness
    Femcon FE kind of birth, birth control, first timer, good luck
    I just started Femcon on Sunday so today is my 3rd day and so far its been ok...after i saw this sight it made me want to stop right away, but i think - 63% more...
    Happiness- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Femcon FE
  20. link Rsummitt
    latex status
    Does Arzol silver nitrate sticks contain latex. Our facility is latex safe and we use these sticks.
    Rsummitt- over a year ago - in Silver Nitrate
  21. link Torim
    NuvaRing relationship status, blah blah, litter box, burrito, nuvraring
    I've been on the nuvaring for about a year now. I had been on the Nuvraring from November of 06 thru May of 07. When I broke up with my boyfriend, I s - 92% more...
    Torim- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in NuvaRing
  22. link Fotokat
    Albuterol Sulfate HFA heart palpations, migranes, patent
    I am having the same negative effects. To me it seems so obvious. Change the formula so that it does not work as well, we have to take more to stop wh - 56% more...
    Fotokat- over a year ago - in Albuterol Sulfate HFA
  23. link Prenatalcare
    Neevo - new prenatal product - by prescription only
    Some high-risk pregancies can be linked to elevated homocysteine levels and/or suboptimal folate status. Unfortunately, sythetic folic acid does not w - 86% more...
    Prenatalcare- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in High Risk Pregnancy
  24. link Prenatalcare
    neevo - new prenatal care product - prescription only
    Sometimes EPL (early pregnancy loss) can be due to suboptimal folate status. many patients may lack sufficient MTHFR enzymes to properly convert synth - 78% more...
    Prenatalcare- over a year ago - in Pregnancy Loss
  25. link Sabrina1987
    Mirena reproductive systems, middle aged women, iud, crystal ball, cramps
    I've had my Mirena in for about a month now, and honestly, it hasn't given me any problems. Of course I had cramps in the first week, and spotting for - 83% more...
    Sabrina1987- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Mirena
  26. link Kinderkat
    Well I hope you don't have any problems, please refrain from posting such comments where you assume to know 900+ women's health status. I was healthy - 79% more...
    Kinderkat- over a year ago