1. link R.johnson
    Lipitor atorvastatin calcium, omerprazole, type 2 diabetes, diabetes clinic, self medication
    SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTION TO LIPITOR 10mg TABLETS. Wed 02 March 2005. I have Type 2 Diabetes and live in the UK. In Dec 2003 I had my annual medical - 98% more...
    R.johnson- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  2. link Lizc
    Lipitor coq10, dibeates, muscle pains, statin, noticable
    I've been taking low dosage of Lipitor for over 4 years. No noticable side effects until past 2-3 months. I've had severe muscle pains in arms and sho - 67% more...
    Lizc- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  3. link Bpisani
    Lipitor flexiril, severe back pain, pain meds, hydromorphone, x ray
    OK... I'm not an expert, but I have been experiencing severe back pain on my left side for about a month now. I also happen to be a 30 year old male w - 84% more...
    Bpisani- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  4. link Bobby
    Lipitor low thyroid function, american association of endocrinologists, high cholesterol, thyroid hormone, thyroid disorders
    I agree with the person below. Low thyroid function causes elevated cholesterol. It's no secret and has been a proven fact for years, yet according to - 83% more...
    Bobby- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  5. link Rysk2
    Pravachol provachol, 28 days later, body muscles, statin, adverse effect
    30 days ago I woke up and had a hard time getting out of bed. My lower body muscles and nerves almost quit working. Within three days, they did quit w - 73% more...
    Rysk2- over a year ago - in Pravachol
  6. link Tdignan
    Lisinopril statin drugs, cough, medications
    Have been taking it for 3 years and BP is great no cough, nothing. I think that if you post a side effect you need to put down your other medications - 60% more...
    Tdignan- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  7. link Larryhor
    Lipitor cholesterol drugs, mail, optonline, statin drug, dangerous side effects
    WANT TO STOP USING CHOLESTEROL DRUGS? DRAMATIC RESULTS!! Cholesterol Can Be Lowered Without Drugs ..See Results Below Doc told me to go on Statin Drug - 82% more...
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  8. link Lindaej
    Lipitor zocor, cholesterol lowering foods, optimistic outlook, statin drug, feeling unwell
    I stopped taking Zocor 6 weeks ago on advice of a metabolic specialist. I started to feel the best I have for four and a half years. I was going about - 97% more...
    Lindaej- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  9. link Gridpipethynne
    Lipitor ldl cholesterol, ldl levels, shoulder pain, statin therapy, statins
    I took Zocor for 60 days and stopped because of pain in both my shoulders, not being totally sure this was the cause but being normally very free of s - 87% more...
    Gridpipethynne- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  10. link Bevgrams
    Pravachol pravacol, numbness, zocor, long story short, zetia
    I am scared to Death!! Was on Zocor for 5+ yrs. Knee , leg pain and numbness til finally in Jan. 2002, my knee "folded" and went down and fr - 84% more...
    Bevgrams- over a year ago - in Pravachol
  11. link Hardmant
    Lipitor crestor, rhabdomyolisis, usa today, burning sensations, shoulders
    Lipitor, Crestor Age 57 Cholesterol 250 Doctor tried me on Lipitor 10 mg first. After one week I experienced the "can't get up out of a chair&quo - 92% more...
    Hardmant- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  12. link Mlsimon
    Lipitor statin drugs, chick peas, olive oil, blood tests, lentils
    My brother was on Lipitor for a few years. He ended up wearing a brace in each leg and using a walker. He could not lift the left leg. He has been off - 70% more...
    Mlsimon- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  13. link Trobled
    Lipitor statin, clincal trials, control group, drug administration, placebo
    In response to ahcb87 #8069: You state that for every statin user with side effects there are 1,000 without. I would bet that many of the 1,000 are ex - 82% more...
    Trobled- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  14. link Ahcb87
    Lipitor clincal trials, down in history, sorry folks, statin, statins
    for everyone who has a side effect there are a 1000 people with none. Statins are in fact perhaps the safest drug on the market. During clincal trials - 66% more...
    Ahcb87- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  15. link Brianwalder
    Zocor written evidence, simvastin, active life, walder, statin
    Took Simvastin for two years,took off it by GP when I experienced severe pain in both legs, after over another year I am left with severe pain in the - 74% more...
    Brianwalder- over a year ago - in Zocor
  16. link Olsen
    Lipitor statins, supposedly, best of luck, statin, platelet
    Please search thru the postings on: click on the Lipitor board and do a search on stopping statins. There is some evidence (suppos - 62% more...
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  17. link Mbesso
    Lipitor statin drugs, flight of stairs, mevacor, aches and pains, thighs
    Started lipitor on Friday and by Sunday I was feeling AWFUL. Aches and Flu like symtoms, like I fell down a flight of stairs. By Monday morning gettin - 69% more...
    Mbesso- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  18. link Olsen
    Lipitor acute kidney failure, kidney problems, lancet medical journal, crestor, kidney damage
    the following concerns another statin drug, crestor. since almost all statins work by blocking the pathway to make cholesterol.... By Lisa Richwine WA - 96% more...
    Olsen- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  19. link Bobby
    Lipitor side effects of statin drugs, cbs news, statins, normal cholesterol, ugly truth
    CBS news just aired a report on the harmful side effects of Statin drugs. It featured a man who had his muscles damaged by a Statin. This man, accordi - 76% more...
    Bobby- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  20. link Olsen
    Lipitor pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical companies, ear pain, statin, hand tremor
    please refer to the postings on another message board "DIT message board ". once you are on their web site scroll down to "Lipitor '. o - 88% more...
    Olsen- over a year ago - in Lipitor