1. link Smercer
    kidney infection
    I have had the Mirena for 1 1/2 years, and I just got a kidney infection. My question is will my kidney infection effect or infect my Mirena. thanks f - 14% more...
    Smercer- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
  2. link Mushroom22
    I wouldn't have thought so. because the bacteria from your infection shouldn't be able to get into your womb or even travel up to your cervix, where t - 46% more...
    Mushroom22- over a year ago
  3. link Platinum81
    Mirena diarrhoea, migraines, cervix, womb
    I'm getting migraines and diarrhoea, though as the doctor has inserted it INTO my cervix and punctured the wall of my womb, I'm not 100% sure if it's - 17% more...
    Platinum81- over a year ago - in Mirena
  4. link Mushroom22
    Mirena hormonal contraceptives, horrible nightmares, mood swings, sleep disturbances, progesterin
    Has anyone had any sleep disturbances with Mirena? I have had horrible nightmares and wake up feeling really shaky and horrible, and still really tire - 85% more...
    Mushroom22- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Mirena
  5. link Mushroom22
    Thank you for your reply! Yeah, my insomnia and nightmares are worse and worse. Thing is with me, I have already had the copper coil-the hormaone free - 76% more...
    Mushroom22- over a year ago
  6. link Chiong
    i am still bleeding after 3 months
    From young i have had problem of huge flow , past down from the family .Later found out that I have had fabriod in me and a lot . I have had my first - 74% more...
    Chiong- over a year ago - in Mirena
  7. link Acuppachai
    Singulair eosinophilic esophagitis, mood swings, labor contractions, stomach feeding tube, asthma
    I started taking Singulair several years ago and it did wonders for my asthma. I did not see the connection for a long time, but I had really bad rage - 96% more...
    Acuppachai- over a year ago - in Singulair
  8. link Sscheumann
    Yutopar affect on baby
    I am interested in learning how Yutopar affected the neurological development of the baby while in the womb.
    Sscheumann- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Yutopar
  9. link Sscheumann
    Yutopar baby in the womb, neurological development, knowing
    I am interested in how Yutopar may have affected the baby in the womb. I am interested in knowing if Yutopar had noticeable affects on the baby's neur - 13% more...
    Sscheumann- over a year ago - in Yutopar