Proton pump inhibitors


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    All meat can be harmful to your body and digestive system, including poultry, but especially red meat. No animal products are completely safe. They st - 84% more...
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    Lisinopril atenolol, stress, ringing in my ears, tinnitus, lisinopril
    I've been having ringing in my ears (tinnitus) which started at about the same time I started taking Lisinopril. Has anyone else experienced this side - 6% more...
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    I have been taking Benazepril for about three weeks and developed a high pitched ringing in my ears. I saw my doctor yesterday and told him about it a - 76% more...
    Anything22- over a year ago
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    Bactrim clindamycin hcl, pump doctor, benydryl, insulin pump, clindamycin
    I had an infection from infusion set with insulin pump. Doctor gave ma Bactrim. Now I have a very enlarged knot on the undersized of my penis and it i - 62% more...
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    Lisinopril burning mouth syndrome, ace inhibitors, arbs, chest tightness, benicar
    I took Lisinopril for three months last year and often had anxiety and skipped beats in the afternoons, and some depression and dizziness. I seem to h - 83% more...
    Lily711- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
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    Percocet 10/325 different man, narcotics, internal pain, spinal fusion surgery, c spine
    I had spinal fusion surgery in January 2008 resulting in a titanium plate & screws being placed along my cervical spine. I have a severe c-spine i - 81% more...
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    My father had the same thing plus some done about 15 years ago. He become addicted to all narcotics. But recently he had an internal pain pump install - 38% more...
    Athera78- over a year ago
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    Omeprazole push ups, pain in the right side, spring chicken, hiatal hernia, windpipe
    I am 58 years old and was diagnosed in November 2009 with a hiatal hernia found during an endoscopy. I was having difficulty lying flat or even leanin - 89% more...
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    Lisinopril lisinopril hctz, viper venom, high humidity, cold turkey, new doctor
    In July I was prescribed Lisinopril / HCTZ 20 /12.5. Within one week I started to have side effects. These included -pain in chest - worsened with hig - 84% more...
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    Lisinopril (and all other ACE inhibitors) are based upon the structure of a component in Brazilian Pit Viper Venom. They are NOT extracts of the venom - 64% more...
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    Zocor chronic heart failure, slow metabolism, thyroid hormone, ejection fraction, heart failure
    Hi, I am writing b/c of some of the symptoms my husband is having since he began taking zocar. Some of the symptoms he has have been outlined here, bu - 91% more...
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    One possibilty: Statins inhibit the production of CoQ10 which is needed to make ATP for cell energy. A reduction in ATP could induce a slow metabolism - 84% more...
    Bobby- over a year ago
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    Lipitor dietary cholesterol, animal foods, statin, pills, job
    I have been on Lipitor for over 2 years. In that time I've gained 20 pounds and experienced severe calf and foot pains. My doctor thought it was all i - 76% more...
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    I had a total hip replacement that I now know I certainly did not need. After the surgery the pain was excruiating the surgeon's knife had gone throug - 86% more...
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    Advair HFA lump in the throat, advair, lump in throat, thrush, horseness
    February 9th 2010 I've been using Advair HFA 230 pump. I been experiencing a horseness and feeling as if I have a foreign body in my throat. Has anyon - 65% more...
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    Lisinopril bee sting, ace inhibitors, meds, bp, good luck
    I have been on it for two weeks and have had no side effects. Every BP meds on the market have the same side effects. When I first found this page I f - 76% more...
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    Mirena miracle boy, bumps under the skin, painful bumps, insulin pump, skin rash
    I have posted before and will be starting a website soon for people who have suffered from mirena. I have the time and the energy now to do this now b - 98% more...
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    Fentanyl fentanyl patches, strange sensations, watching the clock, pain doctor, suboxone
    Hi this is the first time I have posted anything or had any knowledge of how helpful this could be, so here I go Ive been on Fentanyl patches for abou - 92% more...
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    Hi, Over a three month period I had to work my way up to 2 100 microgram patches. I had a severe auto accident years ago, and am now disabled and most - 87% more...
    Bookmanbob- over a year ago
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    Mirena first orgasm, workout routine, suffering from depression, lapband surgery, conceiving a child
    I have been waiting for this day to post!!! Well it is exactly 1 week post mirenal removal for myself. As in my previous posts I had to have it surgic - 93% more...
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    Forgot to post all of the side effects I had experienced, not all were right away, some developed over time, some appeared then disappeared. Weight ga - 89% more...
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    Avelox avelox side effects, soy lecithin, e mail, neurologist, neuropathy
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    Avelox seizure, meds, headaches, young woman, earth
    My sister just recently had a SEIZURE due to this medicine. It is driving her insane. She is becoming very depressed and completely out of it -- and s - 81% more...
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    I suffered for three years with all of the same side effects as your sister has shown. My neurologist confirmed at the end of last year that it was de - 89% more...
    Jodyestel- over a year ago
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    Yasmin birth control pills, teva pharmaceuticals, salt pills, sodium balance, simplistic manner
    I am here to WARN ALL OF YOU that you need to stop taking Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella ASAP. I have studied for many years, and am well aware of what the dr - 99% more...
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    Lipitor hip joints, swelling of the lips, dangerous drug, statins, drs
    I've been on Lipitor for three years. I've been having pain in my hip joints. I also have had swelling of the lips and eyelids. Has anyone else had sw - 12% more...
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    Swollen painful joints are listed as adverse side effects with both statins and ace inhibitors (blood pressure) at Medsafe New Zealand's = of FDA. I h - 59% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
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    Lotrel low sex drive, ace inhibitors, memory loss, cramps, long distance
    I have been on Lotrel for about 2 years and I have not been getting some of the severe side effects mention BUT, frequent urination, low sex drive, mi - 65% more...
    Jflip1960- over a year ago - in Lotrel
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    Lisinopril ace inhibitors, joining a group, massive amounts, law suit, ventilator
    I have been off Lisinopril for about a year and half. I had multiple problems with this drug and my husband had a near death reaction to the med. Even - 80% more...
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