1. link Tmh1984
    Getting Married, Experiencing side effects, take it out?
    I got the Mirena about three months ago. I have noticed I have mood swings, and a short temper. I have always been very easy going, and nonconfrontati - 80% more...
    Tmh1984- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
  2. link Kbeasterling
    I just recently had mine removed a little over a week ago..I tried to give it time..I give it 3 yrs..and I just finally had enough...!!..I feel so muc - 79% more...
    Kbeasterling- over a year ago
  3. link Ria130
    Zyrtec symptoms chills, irregular heart, withdrawal symptoms, cardiologist, heart attack
    I was prescribed Zyrtec a few years ago for allergies. I also have MPV and need to take Atenolol, I will need to take Atenolol for the rest of my life - 88% more...
    Ria130- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Zyrtec
  4. link Erashwan
    FIRST: HERE IS A SECRET, I LIVE IN EGYPT AND SURE I BUY THE zyrtec WHICH THEY SELL HERE!!, advised by my doctor, actually i've never tried the one in - 93% more...
    Erashwan- over a year ago
  5. link Blossom806
    Urgently need advice - Has anyone else experienced this?
    I am 23 years old and I had my Mirena for about 8 months before I got it removed. In those 8 months I gained about 15kgs, I suffered from acne (which - 84% more...
    Blossom806- over a year ago - 8 Replies - in Mirena
  6. link Blossom806
    I totally agree - it was the worst mistake I ever made to have it put in. My weight will not budge at all, in fact it just seems to be getting worse, - 89% more...
    Blossom806- over a year ago
  7. link Tattooed1975
    Mirena removal nightmare
    I had the Mirena for 3 yrs, the experience having it was less than favorable. Insertion was painful, pain during sex 85% of the time killed my sex lif - 89% more...
    Tattooed1975- over a year ago - in Mirena
  8. link Jam1490
    my experience
    i have been on Mirena since 11/17/2008. I was great at first... now i have been bleeding everyday it seems like. i have also had the fluttering in my - 70% more...
    Jam1490- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Mirena
  9. link Jam1490
    Some other pll are saying that they are having really bad nightmares...i just though i mite have been stressed out or something but I have been having - 73% more...
    Jam1490- over a year ago
  10. link Novdec1213
    So far so good
    Im 25 yrs old. and after a few yrs of my bf asking me to be on BC we both researched the merina. ( not time for a baby just yet)....when i did my rese - 91% more...
    Novdec1213- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
  11. link Twoody1o4
    I agree that it is up to us as patients to do our research. I also agree that the mirena does not effect people in the same way. I had two one for the - 95% more...
    Twoody1o4- over a year ago
  12. link Mzaua1
    Severe back pain and other side effects from Loestrine 24 Fe
    I started Loestrin 24 Fe less than 2 weeks ago and I have excruciating low back pain and have difficulty walking, bending, sleeping, sitting and stret - 67% more...
    Mzaua1- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  13. link Aholocker
    I had the same experience. I am 43 and I was put on this pill to regulate extreme bleeding. This only made it worse. My symptoms are as follows...extr - 77% more...
    Aholocker- over a year ago
  14. link Jackieblue
    What are the effects of having a BiPolar Mom
    My sister is bipolar & generally stays on her meds, although she loves the manic side, so does a bit of tweaking w/ her meds. She has 3 adult chil - 90% more...
    Jackieblue- over a year ago - 14 Replies - in Bipolar Disorder
  15. link Bobhatesyou
    Let see, the effects as I have experienced them directly for 26 years.. - total neglect, most of the time - no capacity to parent in a level headed wa - 90% more...
    Bobhatesyou- over a year ago
  16. link Daking102003
    Lisinopril pancreatitis, second stage, emergency patient, gallstone, alcohol
    My husband was on lisinopril since May. Three weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital as an emergency patient with acute severe pancreatitis. Doctor - 75% more...
    Daking102003- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  17. link Cnu
    i had only been on it for a few months and didnt feel well while on it and have been deathly ill since with pancreatitis. i didnt take any meds before - 57% more...
    Cnu- over a year ago
  18. link Keylimepie

    Here's an update from Keylimepie above. Two years after taking Lupron, my abdomen is STILL distended, even after having a tummy tuck! And I weigh less - 71% more...
    Keylimepie- over a year ago - in Lupron
  19. link Jetartaglia
    Serious NR Side Effects
    Over the last year I've been taking the NuvaRing.It was working perfectly for what I needed it to do: protect me, and put it in and forget about it. T - 88% more...
    Jetartaglia- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in NuvaRing
  20. link Nrhater
    Bless your heart, I understand. I am severely allergic to NR. I am unsure if the allergic reaction caused my anxiety/depression/mood awings or the NR - 41% more...
    Nrhater- over a year ago
  21. link Estegra59
    Mirena tingling hands and feet, nerve specialist, good shape, iud, hands and feet
    I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me since I already suffer with anxiety. On New Year's Day I went to Emerg believing again that I w - 90% more...
    Estegra59- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Mirena
  22. link Mrsbarrett
    I have had mine out for two years now and never regreted it. My hair stopped falling out. My eyesight came back. My anxiety, depression, anger, moodsw - 80% more...
    Mrsbarrett- over a year ago
  23. link Californiagal30
    The worst trip I've ever had
    My experience with this antibiotic was downright terrifying. It gave me anxiety, paranoia, confusion, dizziness, nausea, insomnia most of the night, n - 88% more...
    Californiagal30- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Avelox
  24. link Daxxie
    In response to the writer, who wrote in: "The Worst Trip I Ever Had", I was relieved to read that I was not the only person with a horrific - 94% more...
    Daxxie- over a year ago
  25. link Librarian1988

    Mason10 What a nightmare you went through. If you had not had a father with an M.D., where would you be now? I went off Lisinopril 40 mg (And why am I - 88% more...
    Librarian1988- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  26. link Milania911

    Omg I have the same symptoms bloating, weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, pain during sex, and several ovarian cyst! This thing is a damn nightmare I am - 62% more...
    Milania911- over a year ago - in Mirena
  27. link Gabby24hrs
    Mirena heavy periods, tampon, goodness, heavy bleeding, last time
    Has anyone had extreme heavy bleeding/clots after having the Mirena removed? This is day 3. The last time I had such heavy bleeding I had just had my - 26% more...
    Gabby24hrs- over a year ago - 87 Replies - in Mirena
  28. link Iamawonder9
    I had the Mirena in for a year. Went for my annual exam on Saturday and the Dr found Polyps (in reading these are normal but can be caused by the horm - 84% more...
    Iamawonder9- over a year ago
  29. link Xanthia
    Just had my Mirena removed after 2 yrs due to severe panic attacks, depression and 50+ pounds of weight gain. Mentally feeling so much better but expe - 58% more...
    Xanthia- over a year ago
  30. link Amyalta
    13 year old has become severely depressed
    My 13 year old daughter had a moody Christmas holiday, what seemed like a lot of PMT...her asthma had been playing up too, and the Dr. prescribed Sing - 80% more...
    Amyalta- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Singulair
  31. link Flindy
    Same thing happened to my 12 year old.......a complete nightmare,was hospitalized for depression,wanted to die,never slept,hated and could not attend - 76% more...
    Flindy- over a year ago
  32. link Ppleater76

    Ugh!! Mirena must must be the brain child of a malicious, bigoted mind...or perhaps corporate pharmaceutical agenda and the corrupt American medical c - 82% more...
    Ppleater76- over a year ago - in Mirena