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    Yasmin birth control pills, birth control pill, ive been, take a stand, 11 years
    Hi everyone, I have been reading each and everyone of your comments for well over a year now. I see that the yasmin discussions are very heated and a - 88% more...
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    Kenalog cortisone injection, kenalog injections, indentation, malpractice attorney, atrophy
    renee, I believe the cortisone injection you received is the cause of the indentation on your foot. The same thing happened to my foot. I received 2 k - 65% more...
    Myvoice- over a year ago - in Kenalog
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    Yasmin anti depressant medication, estrostep fe, iron supplements, panick attacks, anemic
    I accidentally happened across this Website... I was looking for an anti-depressant medication that would help me to, not hinder me from losing weight - 94% more...
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    Kenalog kenalog injection, kenalog injections, informed consent, medical records, taking the risk
    Why aren't doctors discussing the possible side effects of Kenalog injections with their patients? If a doctor did not obtain your "informed cons - 87% more...
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    Yasmin class action lawsuit, class action suit, girls, money
    Girls, I think we should ALL call Yasmin the company and let them know how we are all feeling. I have spent so much money trying to figure out what wa - 66% more...
    Kristin333- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin check ups, ying yang, cat scans, medication, mri/magnetic resonance imaging
    Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:39:48 -0500 by Guest, #9575 Any idea on how to start a lawsuit against a medication? Any one heard of a lawsuit being started or i - 77% more...
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    Yasmin medication
    Any idea on how to start a lawsuit against a medication? Any one heard of a lawsuit being started or interested in starting one? I just think that thi - 33% more...
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    Levaquin rem sleep, class action lawsuit, treatment of lyme disease, pain and suffering, drug companies
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    Zyprexa depression, bipolar disorder, blood work, blood sugars, insulin shots
    I was diagnosed in 1996 with depression by the VA. My depression became worse, and in 2001 Sept. I was also diagnosed with not only depression but als - 87% more...
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    lipidor lawsuit website
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    Lipitor side effects of lipitor, fellow sufferers, class action lawsuit, speedy recovery, hair loss
    Hi fellow sufferers, my wife sent me this link a while ago, been a little scared to check it out, until now. So glad I did. Thanks to all who contribu - 81% more...
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    Advair HFA chronic sinus infections, advair, heart attack rate, voltarin, heart problem
    I gained over 50lbs since taking Advair for 2 years with no explanations. I have chronic sinus infections and now..a fungis infection in my sinus. I s - 83% more...
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    Yasmin class action lawsuit, going crazy, coincidence, money, panic attack
    I was only on yasmin for one month and began to have severe panic attacks. I never had anything like this in my life and thought I was going crazy. I - 74% more...
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    Zocor congestive heart failure, class action lawsuit, head aches, retaining fluid, joint pain
    I'm a 53 year old male started Zocor through VA, started retaining fluid, went from 250 lbs to 340 lbs,had joint pain, weakness,loss of energy,head ac - 36% more...
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    Levaquin sinus congestion, cold hands and feet, i came home, benadryl, vision problems
    Very cold hands and feet. Can't seem to get them warm. Not a new side effect, but I'm also having some vision problems. I went to the ER about seven d - 88% more...
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