Partial seizures


  1. link Blou_123
    Meprozine wisdom teeth removed, medical history, sinuses, healing process, colds
    i was prescribed meprozine when i had my wisdom teeth removed. i only took two during the healing process because it didnt hurt hardly any. i saved th - 80% more...
    Blou_123- over a year ago - in Meprozine
  2. link Raney7
    Lamictal brain training, brain tumor, mybraintrainer, late afternoon, seizures
    I've been on Lamictal for 3 years after a brain tumor removal. I was intially on Dilantin but the side effects made me crazy. My face constantly tingl - 93% more...
    Raney7- over a year ago - in Lamictal
  3. link Monogramsp
    Lamictal control seizures, 7 months pregnant, dizziness, racing heart, heart beat
    Take large doesage of Lamictal. 400MG in the AM and now 400MG in the PM. 7 months pregnant and the level keeps falling. It does work I think to help c - 62% more...
    Monogramsp- over a year ago - in Lamictal
  4. link Doris0922
    Biaxin tongue, taste buds, bronchitis, metallic taste, partial plate
    I took a 7-day course of Biaxin and didn't notice anything during that time. Had bronchitis and got better. After the seven days my taste buds disappe - 75% more...
    Doris0922- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  5. link Binxbox
    Gabitril psychiatric problems, grand mal seizures, seizure
    gabitril oh what a lovely drug .... last year i put on gabitril, multitude of psychiatric problems here . started at 4 mg then 8 suddenly they bumped - 87% more...
    Binxbox- over a year ago - in Gabitril
  6. link Stanuma810
    Singulair behavioral problems, seizures, seizure, mom
    Like the last mom, my son also has been having behavioral problems. Almost identicle to hers. But in April, my son also experienced a seizure, gran ma - 66% more...
    Stanuma810- over a year ago - in Singulair
  7. link Starlit_9
    Topamax sinus headache, simple partial seizures, menstral flow, numbness tingling, shortness of breath
    I started topamax on 6/28/06, building from 25mg's to 100mg's for simple partial seizures and migraines. I'll have to say it has helped tremendously. - 77% more...
    Starlit_9- over a year ago - in Topamax
  8. link Bettypaint
    Levaquin hives, eucerin lotion, kidney cancer, wal mart, ancef
    I was diagnoised with Kidney Cancer in March of 2005, and had a partial nephroectomy on 23rd day of March 2005. I was being given Ancef which is in th - 92% more...
    Bettypaint- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  9. link Kbkhan
    Depakote control seizures, lamictal, memory, taking the gre, depakote
    I was taking Lamictal (600 mg) for 8 years and had 2 minor seizures per week. I was able to read, write, good memory, think and talk properly. My doct - 65% more...
    Kbkhan- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Depakote
  10. link Semi
    Trileptal herpes simplex encephalitis, muscle twitching, seizures, second person, restless leg
    I have constant nerve/muscle twitching in both legs, mainly below the knees; I had herpes simplex encephalitis 6 years ago, and continue to take trile - 35% more...
    Semi- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Trileptal
  11. link Karendc
    Topamax is great for ME !
    I have had grand mal seizures for 21 yrs. and until 2000 no one could find anything to stop them until they put me on topamax. and also it stopped my - 72% more...
    Karendc- over a year ago - in Topamax
  12. link Candies353
    Singulair grand mal seizure, school nurse, seizures, negative changes, extended families
    My 9 year old son was put on Singulair this year. He'd been taking it for six weeks when he had a grand mal seizure. Just minutes before his seizure, - 77% more...
    Candies353- over a year ago - in Singulair
  13. link Slapshtic
    Sulfamethoxazole temporal lobe epilepsy, seizures, breakthru, tooth absess, seizure episode
    I have life long temporal lobe epilepsy.this drug was given to me for tooth absess.I started having''breakthru''seizures that resulted in ten day comm - 89% more...
    Slapshtic- over a year ago - in Sulfamethoxazole
  14. link Miller
    Fosamax and eye problems and phantom odours
    Has anyone reading this forum experienced problems with their eyes since they began taking fosamax? I have read of some people developing retinal prob - 87% more...
    Miller- over a year ago - in Fosamax
  15. link Gbhome13
    Dosage of Trileptal for Epilepsy
    I am just beginning treatment with trileptal. I have been on the medication for three weeks. I am experiencing worse headaches and more drowsiness wit - 67% more...
    Gbhome13- over a year ago - in Trileptal
  16. link Robegom4
    Lamictal lower abdominal pain, consistant, seizures, attribute, medications
    Since I've started taking Lamictal for seizures, I've noted lower abdominal pain and gas. My diet is fairly consistant and have no other new medicatio - 39% more...
    Robegom4- over a year ago - in Lamictal
  17. link Markhardouin
    Advair HFA 3 days later, placing the blame, joint pain, bronchitus, accute
    4 days into taking Advair to help me breath with my accute bronchitus I had a grand maul seizure. 3 days later I was hit with a smaller focal scizure. - 67% more...
    Markhardouin- over a year ago - in Advair HFA
  18. link Saraheartsmike
    Singulair petit mal seizures, simple partial seizures, sensitivity to light, stand up straight, halo effect
    I just started taking singulair 2 weeks ago for my asthma.. i am 15. starting around a week after i started the medication.. it was the day after east - 85% more...
    Saraheartsmike- over a year ago - in Singulair
  19. link Kerry_inbox
    Doxycycline Hyclate lower abdominal cramps, menstrual irregularities, yeast infections, birth defects, vaginal itching
    I've never skipped a period in my entire life. In fact, I've only been late by a day or two once about 10 years ago. I started taking doxycycline for - 78% more...
    Kerry_inbox- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Doxycycline Hyclate
  20. link Kkkroy
    Toprol-XL toprol xl 25mg, pounding heartbeat, shortness of breath, darvecet, lovenox
    Shortness of breath and heavy feeling in the chest area, indigestion has increased and a feeling of tiredness and my heart still feels like its coming - 88% more...
    Kkkroy- over a year ago - in Toprol-XL