Partial seizures


  1. link Smileyred
    Neurontin experience side effects, memory loss, nerve pain, abdomin, ditsy
    I have been on Neutontin for about 8 or 9 years. I still experience side effects that I just can't get rid of. I take 400mg 4 times a day. I have swel - 73% more...
    Smileyred- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  2. link Medusa0527
    morpine sulfate
    i have been using morpine 30mg twice a day and morpine 15mg once a day and oxycodone 5mg as a breakthrough medication anyway i had a car accident and - 81% more...
    Medusa0527- over a year ago - in Morphine Sulfate SR
  3. link M.karnatz
    Topamax topomax, prolonged period, seizures, one time, sixth day
    I have been on topomax for 2 years for seizures. They had my dosage up to 200-250mg at one time and now I am on 100mg 1x a day do to the side effects. - 68% more...
    M.karnatz- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Topamax
  4. link Txsunlvr68
    Topamax blurry vision, dizziness, please do not go, antivert, cold turkey
    Hi All, I have been taking Topamax for about 3 years now for migraines, and it has been a godsend. I am taking 200mg a day, 100mg in the AM and 100mg - 86% more...
    Txsunlvr68- over a year ago - in Topamax
  5. link Carvells
    Lupron bone and joint pain, chronic insomnia, arms and legs, memory loss, hair loss
    hot flashes, hair loss, memory loss, bone and joint pain, seizures, hand and foot twitches, crawling sensations in arms and legs, accelerated facial a - 41% more...
    Carvells- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lupron
  6. link Missyc21601
    Just started my lupron injections
    I just started my injections 2 days ago and I am having really bad hip & leg pain. I am also so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I have had s - 81% more...
    Missyc21601- over a year ago - in Lupron
  7. link Justlew
    Topamax memory problems, seizures, topomax, lamictal, monotherapy
    I have been taking topomax 100mg twice a day for one year. I began taking it for seizures and headaches. I weaned myself off of it in December feeling - 81% more...
    Justlew- over a year ago - in Topamax
  8. link Linda159
    Topamax brain tumor, tumor removal, tingling in fingers, attention span, memory loss
    I started taking Topamax Jan 07 while weaning off of Dilantin (for seizures) after brain tumor removal. Been having tingling in fingers and lips and I - 53% more...
    Linda159- over a year ago - in Topamax
  9. link Cryssie
    Topamax seizure meds, twitching eye, migraine sufferer, concentrate, eye twitching
    I've been on Topamax (for seizures) for almost 2 years now, gradually increasing my dosage from 150 mg/day to 400 mg/day when I learned that 150mg is - 92% more...
    Cryssie- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Topamax
  10. link Yasminsufferer67
    Yasmin wearing contact lenses, lumps in the breast, severe stomach pain, breast tenderness, triglyceride levels
    SIDE EFFECTS OF YASMIN AS NOTED ON THE INISERT THAT COMES WITH THE PRESCRIPTION: Nausea vomiting headache diarrhea bleeding between menstrual periods - 95% more...
    Yasminsufferer67- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  11. link Jazzyqueenfan
    Topamax everyday all day, hallucinate, hallucinations, seizures, little time
    I took 100 Mg of Topamax for 2 weeks. I took it for extreme headaches (everyday all day) and seizures. Although it stopped both, the worst side effect - 63% more...
    Jazzyqueenfan- over a year ago - in Topamax
  12. link Rachellle1964
    Singulair liver injury, cholestatic hepatitis, liver disease, arthralgia myalgia, hypersensitivity reactions
    I feel like my heart flutters on it and the first time I took it, I couldn't sleep for 2 days. I am giving it another try due to cedar fever. I found - 89% more...
    Rachellle1964- over a year ago - in Singulair
  13. link Sherry374
    New to forum
    I have systemic lupus and a history of seizures. I had been on 10 mg of prednisone for maintenance. In January of 2005 I had surgery for a torn menisc - 87% more...
    Sherry374- over a year ago - in PredniSONE
  14. link Kgossage
    Singulair sinus drainage, throat drainage, environmental allergies, food allergies, exercise induced asthma
    I have a 9 year old daughter that was sick on a monthly basis since she started school. We did the round of antibotics every month. Finally we went th - 91% more...
    Kgossage- over a year ago - in Singulair
  15. link Isabella
    Yasmin seizures, medince, seizure, anxiety, period
    I feel for everyone I have only taken Yasmin for 2 months. Since, I have been on Yasmin I have been depressed and I have alot of anxiety. My Dr prescr - 72% more...
    Isabella- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Yasmin
  16. link Psychmedman
    Wellbutrin seizure, psych ward, cause seizures, drys, i beleive
    Psychmedman- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Wellbutrin
  17. link Petsroom92
    Depakote muscle fatigue, muscle spasms, wieght gain, chronic pain, seizures
    I have been on Depakote for several months, for migraine related seizures. The side effects have kept me from functioning , as I have had chronic pain - 36% more...
    Petsroom92- over a year ago - in Depakote
  18. link Kmf525
    Lupron focal seizures, phenobarbitol, ddavp, nosebleeds, trileptal
    Mt daughter had encephalitis march of 2005 since then she was dx with intractable multi focal seizures she was doing well. She is now 9 on phenobarbit - 68% more...
    Kmf525- over a year ago - in Lupron
  19. link Melissal
    Topamax pins and needles, seizures, hands and feet, migraines, horror
    I too was given topamax for my seizures and migraines. First side effect was the pins and needles in my hands and feet. Then the real horror started. - 76% more...
    Melissal- over a year ago - in Topamax
  20. link Laura703
    Zoloft well butrin, wgt, seizures
    I think Zoloft was great at first 25 then 50 now up to 100 and it's okay. Have gained wgt with this too. I wanna try well-butrin but worried about the - 45% more...
    Laura703- over a year ago - in Zoloft