1. link Swedish
    Zocor zocord, merck co, denan, lipex, australia and new zealand
    In my previous message I was wondering why the same medication has to have so many different names. I havenĀ“t had a reply to that, but I found some in - 78% more...
    Swedish- over a year ago - in Zocor
  2. link Roberts
    Weight Gain
    Does Simvastatin cause weight gain?
    Roberts- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  3. link Debbiedu
    Simvastatin metallic taste in mouth, numbness, simvastatin, metallic taste, cottage cheese
    Has anyone had mouth numbness or metallic taste in mouth? My mouth feels chalky.
    Debbiedu- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Simvastatin
  4. link Linda01
    Yes, my doctor put me on nystatin and I stopped taking the simvastatin.
    Linda01- over a year ago
  5. link Jeanbolt75
    Burning Legs
    I took Simvastatin for 2 and a half months. I was taken off the drug as i have side effects Burning legs. 6 months have pasted and i still suffer not - 24% more...
    Jeanbolt75- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  6. link Karateee1
    Mood swings associated with Simvastatin
    Since taking my prescription of 20 mg simvastatin for 3 months now I seem to be getting regular bouts of depression and aggressive verbal behaviour to - 32% more...
    Karateee1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Simvastatin
  7. link Midtownguy
    Simvastatin lower leg pains, diherrea, doctors in canada, night sweats, elderly clients
    I am a 58 year old who was on 10mg for about 10 years with no apparent side effects.My GP retired and the new Doctor said my dosage was low and quadru - 93% more...
    Midtownguy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Simvastatin
  8. link Mariee64
    Simvastatin national joke, heart operations, admition, bloody finger, crohn s disease
    just another update on my other 2 postings. Things have really hotted up here, lets just say the doctors surgery will get a nasty surprise in the post - 92% more...
    Mariee64- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Simvastatin
  9. link Annemacken
    Simvastatin night cramps, persistent cough, swollen throat, breathing problem, half hour
    I took simvastatin about a year ago and took myself off it because I had really agonizing night cramps in my legs. A different doctor recently persuad - 77% more...
    Annemacken- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Simvastatin
  10. link Mariee64
    Simvastatin aching hips, arthritis in the knee, heart stress, leg function, high potency
    I am 43 yr old woman and have been on simvastatin on and off for the past 3yrs, it's only since coming across this website that I have actually manage - 97% more...
    Mariee64- over a year ago - 16 Replies - in Simvastatin
  11. link Pop
    I'm a 61 year old male who has lost most of the last year to severe pain and weakness also due to the side affects of simvastatin. I had been taking L - 95% more...
    Pop- over a year ago
  12. link Justincappers
    Simvastatin ramipril, medicines
    my doctor just will not react when I want to stop Simvastatin. He just insists on continuing 20 mg a day. Other medicines: ramipril 20 mg, digoxin 62, - 19% more...
    Justincappers- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  13. link Louie54
    joint pain
    how long after you stop simvastatin for the pain to stop
    Louie54- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Simvastatin
  14. link Angelstar
    Side effect - confusion?
    My mum began taking Simvastatin 3 months ago. For the past 8 weeks she has become very confused, has poor memory and is fabricating to excess. Has any - 60% more...
    Angelstar- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  15. link Josiejo
    Simvastatin numbness in my left arm, chest pain, 9 months
    have been taking this med for approx 9 months, i have muscle chest pain and an uncomfortable numbness in my left arm.
    Josiejo- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  16. link Vkajla
    Simvastatin symptoms of gerd, joint pains, cartilage, gums, dehydration
    I am 54 years old and on simvastatin for the past year. My nails have become brittle and break off easily. I have never had this problem before. On th - 80% more...
    Vkajla- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  17. link Dennis1
    Simvastatin chronic diarrhoea, stomach disorder, loss of appetite, tiredness, chemist
    been on simvastatin for 4 years with no problems then got pills from a different chemist same 40mg but a different maker immediate symptoms were chron - 75% more...
    Dennis1- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  18. link Kinderscout
    Simvastatin tummy pains, hill walker, pravastatin, blood sugars, type 2 diabetes
    I am a hill walker. My name is Steve and I am 58 years old. I have been recently diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. Fair enough. I have been given d - 85% more...
    Kinderscout- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Simvastatin
  19. link Smitho3
    Simvastatin mild chest pains, apatite, panic attack, panic attacks, chest pain
    Hi, Im 24 and have hypercholesterolemia. I started Simvastatin 40mg at night about 3 weeks ago. About a week into taking it i was experiencing some mi - 82% more...
    Smitho3- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  20. link Blodwick
    Zocor computer network engineer, cholesterol levels, cognitive issues, high cholesterol, simvastatin
    I am 33 years old and after a blood test about 6 months ago showed my cholesterol levels high my doctor prescribed me 40MG Zocor (actually generic Sim - 91% more...
    Blodwick- over a year ago - in Zocor