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  1. link Maureen1
    PredniSONE nerve problems, muscle weakness, comcast, asthma, long time
    Hi I am a 44 year old asthma patient. I have had asthma since the age 2 and have been on & off prednisone since that time. As a child until age 20 - 62% more...
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  2. link Propsguy
    after about 10 yrs with asthma, i seem to have licked it using a combination of natural remedies- buteyko breathing exercises and yoga. also cleaning - 76% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago
  3. link Nanaof23
    Simvastatin degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms, further notice, chronic pain, arthritis
    I'm a 78 year old female who has been on Simvastatin (10mg) for about two weeks. I have degenerative disc disease for many years and have had muscle s - 75% more...
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  4. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    Painful swollen joints is listed as an official side effect of statins and ace inhibitors (blood pressure medicines) on the NZ Govt MedSafe web site. - 47% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  5. link Pquarles
    PredniSONE yeast infection, prednisone
    Within the first 24 hours of taking prednisone I began noticing a chemical odor which has not abated. I am now in my 5th day. My husband does not noti - 37% more...
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  6. link Carlton8020
    Paxil wean, hot weather, cold weather, cold winters, drop of a hat
    I would like to stop taking paxil, I have been on it for 3 yrs. When I skip my medicine I get what feels like electrical shocks in my neck & head. - 82% more...
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  7. link 123getgonepaxil
    I was on it for ten years and tried, unsuccessfully to get off it; everywhere from 30 or 40 mg. to 5 mg. A month go, I stopped cold turkey and even th - 98% more...
    123getgonepaxil- over a year ago
  8. link Weebles1
    Alka-Seltzer Gold abcessed teeth, allergy reactions, chemical exposures, alka seltzer, migrains
    I have multiple system and mutiple symptom allergies and chemical reactions probably in part do to chemical exposures and Albright's disease. I have u - 85% more...
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  9. link Grandpachuck
    Simvastatin kidney health, statin drug, test 7, ldl, losing weight
    57 yr old male. Blood test 7 days ago showed Cholesterol 265, hdl 50, ldl 198 (very high), triglicerides 89. Doctor started Simvastatin 20mg to be tak - 72% more...
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  10. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    You should be very scared of taking a statin chemical poison. What can you do? Have the correct height to weight to exercise ratio. Eat mainly unproce - 71% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  11. link Runne_burdick
    Levaquin zyflamend, class action suit, magnesium, rheumatoid arthritis, coincidence
    "Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God I Am Free at Last" - That was my first thought as after two months, the horrible effects of Levaquin - 93% more...
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  12. link Celvis
    Thank you so much for the useful information. I have been floxed by levaquin and other antibiotics. I purchased zyflamend last night. Took 1 capsule d - 60% more...
    Celvis- over a year ago
  13. link Gabbygal
    Desogen anti depressants, history of depression, hormonal imbalance, condoms, marijuana
    I've been on Desogen (Apri) for three years. When I first started it I was so relieved to be on birth control (getting pregnant was not an option) tha - 91% more...
    Gabbygal- over a year ago - in Desogen
  14. link Flower223
    Gardasil medical histories, girls, cervical cancer incidence, pace makers, seizure disorders
    i got the vaccine in high school and most of my friends have as well and none of us have had any symptoms at all. girls as young as 9 can get the vacc - 69% more...
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  15. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    I am an old grandad, up until just a few years ago I would have agreed with exactly what you said, I also fully trusted doctors and medicine. Sadly th - 87% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  16. link Colemanalaina23
    Depo-Provera Contraceptive hydroxyz, pee test, depo shot, breast tenderness, brown discharge
    Well I started a brown discharge Last Thursday and had called my doctor to schedule my appointment for the following day to receive my shot. The weird - 94% more...
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  17. link Lily22
    Thank you for your information. I thought I was the only one. I am newly married, we have been married for one month, and didn't have sex before we we - 85% more...
    Lily22- over a year ago
  18. link Lynnite
    Lisinopril nasty side effects, garlic capsules, ace inhibitor, dark chocolate, poor mother
    My mother,92, has been on Lisinopril since April. In the last couple of months she has felt very tired and lost her appetite. Her hairdresser noticed - 69% more...
    Lynnite- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lisinopril
  19. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    Before you put wonderful golden 92 yr old life on to any prescription chemical poison do some research for your self. If you go to spacedoc dot net yo - 85% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  20. link Nikki020688
    Abilify mg dose, zyprexa, weight gain, intervals, abilify
    my 6 year old daughter has been on abilify on and off for about 8 months and has been experiencing bed wetting at night. she is on a 2.5 mg dose and n - 68% more...
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  21. link Propsguy
    but too many kids are being diagnosed with this these days. have you taken her to a naturopath? i am convinced that a lot of these problems with child - 31% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago
  22. link Alpo
    New improved formula
    Why did you change the formula and raise the aspirin and eliminate the salicylamide? Was it cost savings? If so why is the price not lower?
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  23. link Maped10
    I have been taking BC arthritis strength (GREEN) for years and the taste was never that bad to me until this NEW IMPROVED came along this year. The ne - 63% more...
    Maped10- over a year ago
  24. link Nbmooney
    Methylpred DP 5th metatarsal, better at night, tendonitis, meds, anxiety
    This is my third experience. The first 2x I took it I ate ate ate and was awake all night. So when this was prescribed again for tendinitis in the are - 83% more...
    Nbmooney- over a year ago - in Methylpred DP
  25. link Drmike4777
    Lipitor walmart pharmacy, drug compliance, compliance verification, quality control standards, corporate hq
    Because of a “Global economy” - I suspect ingredients (even for Brand names) are coming from China or being manufactured in India with poor to non-exi - 93% more...
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  26. link Drmike4777
    Another article quoting the New York Times for your consideration: Why Drug Ingredients From China Are A Problem By Ed Silverman // October 31st, 2007 - 94% more...
    Drmike4777- over a year ago
  27. link Bellabear
    Lisinopril myoclonus, chemical poisoning, 60 minutes, poison, medication
    Can anyone tell me if they've experienced any kind of myoclonus as a result of taking this medication? Myoclonus is a form of twitching or jerking. In - 75% more...
    Bellabear- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  28. link Mooommy
    Singulair skin allergies, food allergies, specturm, bipolar disorder, montelukast
    I am a doctor and a mother of 2. My 4 y.o eldest son is atopic, meaning he has the whole specturm of skin allergies, food allergies and asthma. I star - 85% more...
    Mooommy- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Singulair
  29. link Propsguy
    more & more i am convinced that ADHD is a made-up condition, a result of a poor sugar & chemical laden diet, lack of real outdoor meaningful e - 43% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago
  30. link Johnbelli
    Advair HFA asthma sufferers, cause of asthma, actual condition, hyperventilation, bronchodilator
    ASTHMA SUFFERERS (like I was), I'd like to share my experience of HOW I SUCCEEDED GETTING OFF ADVAIR and getting rid of my (first mild, then severe) a - 99% more...
    Johnbelli- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Advair HFA
  31. link Iudfree624
    Mirena severe mood swings, inability to lose weight, iud, chemical imbalances, cervical cancer
    I've just started reading through the most recent posts about your Mirena experiences and your removal side effects. While I noticed some similarities - 97% more...
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  32. link Johnbelli
    Advair Diskus asthma sufferers, cause of asthma, actual condition, hyperventilation, bronchodilator
    ASTHMA SUFFERERS (like I was), I'd like to share my experience of HOW I SUCCEEDED GETTING OFF ADVAIR and getting rid of my (first mild, then severe) a - 99% more...
    Johnbelli- over a year ago - 8 Replies - in Advair Diskus