1. link Irishbaby_lulu
    tired of feeling like this
    i have ipolar and tey have me on 7 differtn meds would like to talk with people that r going through the same thing thankyou
    Irishbaby_lulu- over a year ago - in Ativan
  2. link Otter423
    my MDs, probiotics, yoga...
    Very interesting to read all of these posts. Regarding the MD opinions, I always keep in mind that the person who graduates last in the medical school - 95% more...
    Otter423- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  3. link Angelofeventide
    How long does it take to get out of your system?
    My last dose of Leviquin was two days ago when I nearly passed out on my bathroom floor. I had this terrible feeling like when you've sat in a hot bat - 84% more...
    Angelofeventide- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  4. link Guest204
    Neurontin seizure meds, phantom limb pain, anger control, seizures, epilepsy
    Reading all these posts, I have to add my bit. The side effects of Neurontin are very similar to any sedating drug. Memory, problem solving, dry mouth - 89% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  5. link Mrsdgw
    My options are very limited
    I am writing because I am recovering from recent endoscopic sinus surgery. It was needed to releive a completely blocked frontal sinus. I felt like I - 90% more...
    Mrsdgw- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  6. link Jandhprop
    Zocor ive been, life ive, zorcor, leg pain, zanax
    I am a 62 year old male I have been in excelent health all my life. Ive been on zocor for 3yrs and complaining to to my cardioligist for two years abo - 78% more...
    Jandhprop- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zocor
  7. link Bld
    Amoxicillin mouth surgery, vomitting, diarrhea
    I was prescribed the meds as I had mouth surgery. Within an hour of taking the meds, I felt very weak and nasusea. I started vomitting and felt as if - 33% more...
    Bld- over a year ago - in Amoxicillin
  8. link Msenanayake
    Guaifenex loss of appetite, eyes open, migraine
    After taking this med I got a mini migraine - could not keep my eyes open - and nausea with a loss of appetite. I rather take OTC meds with less side - 25% more...
    Msenanayake- over a year ago - in Guaifenex
  9. link Guest204
    Ultracet pain meds, bastard, muscle pain, lead a normal life, fucking live
    Out of the experiences I have had with muscle pain in my legs, and the simple occurances of some Foreign Dr. from the middle east, I have been frustra - 83% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Ultracet
  10. link Guest204
    Levaquin aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, muscle soreness, gastrointestinal effects, sleep disturbance
    My doctor prescribed me Levaquin for a UTI. I suspect that she prescribed Levaquin because this is my third course of antibiotics in the last 1.5-2 mo - 89% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  11. link Davidhall
    Zocor muscle damage, muscle pain, baycol
    I see that everyone recommends getting off the Zocor, and the muscle syptoms go away, but what if they don't?? I've been off the meds for 4 months, an - 52% more...
    Davidhall- over a year ago - in Zocor
  12. link Jeri
    Sales Manager
    I went to a Neurologist regarding some numbness and tingling I had been having in my extremities and much to my suprise, he put me on a combination of - 83% more...
    Jeri- over a year ago - in Seroquel
  13. link Aleslies
    active ingredient
    hello! carbatuss not listed in my drug book,(mine is older) and the active ingredient listed on this website sais guaifenesine, only. on the bottle of - 59% more...
    Aleslies- over a year ago - in Carbatuss
  14. link Michelemark
    OxyContin cold turkey, headaces, medicane, migraine, constipation
    I was on oxycontin for 2.6 years I became addicted and didnt even know it until ine night I ran out of my meds.I experinced sever muscle spazems migra - 60% more...
    Michelemark- over a year ago - in OxyContin
  15. link Rosenylund12
    Gabitril protien drink, menstrual flow, menstrating, noticable, compulsion
    I take 24mg and when I started I had alot of the same side effects that are listed. I take it for depression and to "controll compulsion." I - 69% more...
    Rosenylund12- over a year ago - in Gabitril
  16. link Sharoncase
    Levaquin side effects--horrid pain
    It's been an interesting month. It all started January 25. I'd felt for a couple of days that I had a cold or some other upper respiratory infection s - 95% more...
    Sharoncase- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  17. link George61
    Levaquin liver enzymes, cholesterol levels, pain meds, fibromyalgia, lipitor
    Follow up to my Mon, 17 Feb 2003 00:37:48 -0500 post As "Guest" I stated in that post I'd update after seeing my doc so here it is: Feb. 18t - 92% more...
    George61- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  18. link Mkoutsol
    MY SON
    Mkoutsol- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Seroquel
  19. link Zincke
    Response to party just starting Lithobid.
    I have bipolar disorder and have been taking Lithium for 13 years and then Lithobid 3 years. I would have to say the worst side effect which goes away - 75% more...
    Zincke- over a year ago - in Lithobid
  20. link Kerry.hook
    Levaquin peripheral neuropathy, pdr, coincidently, quinolones, odd person
    The ignorance of our guest M.D., doesn't surprise me at all. Maybe is an arogance acquired in medical school. We are just dumb patients, is that it??? - 91% more...
    Kerry.hook- over a year ago - in Levaquin