Urinary system


  1. link Guest204
    Levaquin neck pain, stomach sickness, elbow pain, shoulder joint
    ested. time, after taking the drug, 20 minutes later i am throwing up, shoulder joint is extreme pain, neck pain and elbow pain all on the left side.. - 50% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Levaquin
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    Why does Imdur (Isosorbide) travel through the digestive system and pass through the bowel so quickly. I take it between 6:30 and 7:30am each morning - 15% more...
    Rmb4- over a year ago - in Imdur
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    Seroquel hearing voices, seoquel, medication, mild concussion, cope
    I have recently (end of July/02) gone off Seroquel as I felt absolutely fatigued and tired out all the time, and felt like I did not have a life. I wa - 90% more...
    Jinny- over a year ago - in Seroquel
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    Zocor zocor side effects, cause depression, doubt in my mind, no doubt, validate
    First, I have already submitted one post about Zocor side effects but the longer I am washing it out of my system, I am more aware of other side effec - 78% more...
    Smojeske- over a year ago - in Zocor
  5. link Lavender1905
    Zoloft anxiety medication, depression, quack, stiff neck, prozac
    Zoloft was in my system for three days before the horrible nightmare of "side effects" began. Extremely stiff neck. Black diarreah. I wander - 88% more...
    Lavender1905- over a year ago - in Zoloft
  6. link Nonnisyl
    Ketoconazole christmas tree, yeast infection, urinary frequency, behavioral problem, nizoral
    Urinary frequency? Our dog was prescribed Ketoconazole for a yeast infection in his ears. He has been piddling everywhere, including on the Christmas - 50% more...
    Nonnisyl- over a year ago - in Ketoconazole
  7. link Dannturner24
    Levaquin christmas time, urinary tract infection, fatique, chronic problem, achy
    I was prescribed Levaquin for a urinary tract infection. This is a chronic problem for me and I have always taken Cipro. After 1 day of taking my 7 da - 75% more...
    Dannturner24- over a year ago - in Levaquin
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    Neurontin seizures, masters in counselling, last ditch, headaches, inappropriate treatment
    To the mother of the child for whom Neurontin acts like speed: Neurontin takes away irritability (or nerve-firing threshold) of the involuntary muscul - 89% more...
    Jank- over a year ago - in Neurontin
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    Neurontin symptoms of kidney, kidney damage, jank, urinary system, kidneys
    In response to the question about whether Neurontin damages the kidneys: this is one of my strong concerns, as I have a lifetime of problems of the ur - 65% more...
    Jank- over a year ago - in Neurontin
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    Neurontin epileptic seizures, kidney pain, kidneys, kidney failure, definately
    I am the person who posted the above message about kidney pain as a bad side-effect of N. use for fibromyalgia -- I use the drug for muscle pain, and - 93% more...
    Jank- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Neurontin
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    What does this do to someone who is not bipolar?
    I have been blackmailed by the court system into taking this medication in order to get my 2 young children back from DFS. I started taking it tonight - 76% more...
    Carousel- over a year ago - in Depakote
  12. link Upcusa
    Vasotec urinary track infection
    I am 70 years old, and recently began taking vasotec. About a month after I began, I got a urinary track infection. Is this a new side effect? Thanks
    Upcusa- over a year ago - in Vasotec