Lithium pharmacology


  1. link Rok24700
    Lithium Carbonate lithium, drink alot, ibprofin, educate yourself, blood levels
    Lithium apparently causes organ problems, as well as dehydration, so you should be very careful that you drink alot of fluids, avoid heavy sweating(ex - 75% more...
    Rok24700- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  2. link Praline_49
    Lisinopril recurrent depression, pins and needles, pins and needles in hands, efexor, lisiniprol
    Female 52, 60 pounds overweight, unfit suffer from eczema since infancy and for the last 10 years from recurrent depression with stress inducing most - 78% more...
    Praline_49- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  3. link Raegan13
    Lithium Carbonate parathyroid glands, lithium, calcium, think thank, rae
    I take Lithium and I have a high about of calcium in my blood. Does Lithium cause that. I just had a test on my parathyroid glands but don't know the - 47% more...
    Raegan13- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  4. link R_kes7
    Dilantin new antiepileptic drugs, jipmer pondicherry, phenytoin, pondicherry india, hyperplasia
    One of my friend use to take phenytoin (dilantin) for past 6 years. At present he is suffering from gum hyperplasia. i want to enquire about how newer - 73% more...
    R_kes7- over a year ago - in Dilantin
  5. link Robinsattic
    Kenalog manic depressive, steriod, mood swings, lithium, severe depression
    My first steriod shot for severe psoriosis in the scalp was 24 years ago. It produced a side effect that I call a 30-day "acid" trip. I had - 79% more...
    Robinsattic- over a year ago - in Kenalog
  6. link Joewilliess
    Effexor bipolar manic depressant, loss of appetite, effxor, provigal, abilify
    I felt immediate relief of depression and anxiety. I have lost weight 10 lbs in 2 weeks with a loss of appetite and sleep is fine. I am on zanax, lith - 53% more...
    Joewilliess- over a year ago - in Effexor
  7. link Caroline522
    Effexor sore throat pain, venlafaxine, pain in the left side, pain in left side, job interviews
    Having been on Venlafaxine for 2 years and feeling well, I am trying to "get off" them, have reduced from 37.5mg twice a day to a quarter of - 87% more...
    Caroline522- over a year ago - in Effexor
  8. link Mill3563
    Yasmin definitly, laughing matter, migraines, boob, lithium
    Still on it 2 months later... let me tell you, the boob pain is no laughing matter! Has anyone gotten blinding migraines from this pill? IS there anyo - 41% more...
    Mill3563- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  9. link Nferren
    Effexor coming off effexor, drugs work, mood stabiliser, antidepressant, sexual side effects
    Wow, there's alot of comments about this drug on both sides of the plate. I've been off and on Effexor four about 5 years now. I never had any bad sid - 89% more...
    Nferren- over a year ago - in Effexor
  10. link Nferren
    Lithium Carbonate lithium, bipolar disorder, most widely used, fruits and veggies, adult acne
    I've read some of the other postings here, and thought I might beable to help with some of those symptoms described. Lithium is probably the most wide - 88% more...
    Nferren- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  11. link Edshook
    Seroquel closed head injury, knee surgeries, mass confusion, family doctor, psychiatric ward
    I have only been onSeroquel for two years. Severe weight gain, 75 pounds? But there was mass confusion in what I heard, ie, a question, and what I ans - 83% more...
    Edshook- over a year ago - in Seroquel
  12. link Www.weldjack
    Zyprexa hes, wellbutin, wonderful change, lithium, threats
    my son started zyprexa almost 3 years ago and has gained over 100 pounds! my little boy is gone, hes double the child he was, and most of it was in th - 83% more...
    Www.weldjack- over a year ago - in Zyprexa
  13. link Gottalovek
    Yasmin 36dd, mircette, nordette, cleavage, boob
    I have liked Yasmin so far sicne I've been on it for a month, though my boyfriend noticed my boobs got bigger (i'm already a 36DD I can't handle any m - 62% more...
    Gottalovek- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  14. link Patty878
    Lithium Carbonate attempted suicides, manic depression, bipolor, phyco, lithium
    I weighed 198 when i started lithium 4 years ago. I now have CHF and i weigh 340. Help, has this happened to anyone else P.S. My phyco wont take me of - 43% more...
    Patty878- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  15. link Ragep23
    Lithium Carbonate bipolar disorder, medication, energy boost, lathargic, laying down
    My husband is on this for bipolar disorder and I don't know if it's the medication working or the fact that I was about to leave him that made him act - 81% more...
    Ragep23- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  16. link Kelleygirlaz
    Drug combo for treating mania
    A neurologist put me on a combination of Effexor XR and Seroquil (taken only at night and Effexdor am and pm) and I have been successful for a full ye - 83% more...
    Kelleygirlaz- over a year ago - in Depakote
  17. link Giggles1785v
    Lithium Carbonate litium, bipolar, weight gain
    I've been taking litium for 2 years for being Bipolar.Taking this pill has made me gain weight.I wieghed 120 and now 225.
    Giggles1785v- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  18. link Guest204
    I wasnt to know about this subject because this is what I'm studying and I want to pass my class with as much information as I can.
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  19. link Reddotlor
    Lithium Carbonate lithium, high blood pressure, saved my life, thank god, medications
    I really don't think I have any side effects, other than it keeps me normal, thank GOD. I have been taking lithium for 27 years, a low dose I am told. - 79% more...
    Reddotlor- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  20. link Jblatter
    New to Lamictal
    I have suffered with Chronic Recurring Depression, Bi-Polar and SADS for most of my 40 years. Needless to say I have been on a variety of meds and com - 69% more...
    Jblatter- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lamictal