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  1. link Patrice1
    Loose stools
    I didn't have initial reaction to Move Free but after 3 weeks developed loose stools that lasted until I stopped using it and went on the BRAT diet fo - 34% more...
    Patrice1- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  2. link Flower Power
    They need better warnings
    I started taking Move Free last fall about the same time I started my meds for cholesterol. First I started feeling nauseated and generally ill, then - 83% more...
    Flower Power- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  3. link Stephc
    Pain in the knee area
    Was wondering if the pain Im having in my knee will go away in time? Move free advanced is a miracle! I have been on strong meds due to a bulging disc - 72% more...
    Stephc- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  4. link Gart1
    Acute Liver Toxicity
    Move Free Advanced, caused acute liver toxicity to me this past fall. I was close to disabled for four months. Long term damage to my liver is unknown - 74% more...
    Gart1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Schiff Move Free
  5. link J1950
    move free advanced side effects
    After taking for 4 days, I was so bloated, I could not eat. I have taken a laxative and was suffering so bad. Bloating, cramps, can't go to the bathro - 70% more...
    J1950- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  6. link Datura
    wondering whats wrong with me
    Finally figured it out, it's the move free, terrible gas and bloating, has not seemed to help with my hip issues, have been taking over a month. Am re - 26% more...
    Datura- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  7. link Sondral
    Side effect?
    I developed diarrhea soon after switching to Move Free Advanced from a different brand. But two days later, I had a TIA (transient ischemic attack or - 74% more...
    Sondral- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  8. link Stevero
    long-term safety of Move Free
    How long can one take Move Free safely?
    Stevero- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  9. link Sweettwiggy07
    Schiff Move Free pain in the knee
    I took for simple pain in the knee and it aggravated my blood pressure doesn't go well with other S.
    Sweettwiggy07- over a year ago - in Schiff Move Free
  10. link Billyboy1959
    Schiff Move Free black catechu, chinese skullcap, stomach cramps, watery diarrhea, fish oil
    August 4th 2010: I have taken Schiff Move Free before, but two years ago I switched to the Costco brand. Costco took their brand off the market and I - 87% more...
    Billyboy1959- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Schiff Move Free
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