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  1. link Corri
    roxicet dosage
    I have severe sciatica. My doc prescribed Roxicet, 5/325mg. every 8 hrs. It's not even TOUCHING the pain. Is it safe to take 2 5/325 every six hours?
    Corri- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  2. link Lilgrip
    is it roxicet or not
    i have a round white pill and it has a v on one side and 48/10 on the other so is it a roxicet 5 or not
    Lilgrip- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Roxicet
  3. link Disablednurse
    No,i don,t think so. Roxicet isn,t available in 48mg so assume it is NOT roxicet and don,t take it!
    Disablednurse- over a year ago
  4. link Orandi
    what does roxicet have in the pill
    Does this pill contain codine? it causes me stomach pain why?
    Orandi- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Roxicet
  5. link Ray2371
    roxicet contianes oxycdone/acetemenaphen
    Ray2371- over a year ago
  6. link Ray2371
    what color
    what color is roxicet solution?
    Ray2371- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  7. link Clark
    Need to Learn
    Can Roxicet be ordered on-line?
    Clark- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  8. link Pete1966
    sexual side affects
    is there any sexual side affects
    Pete1966- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  9. link Imupallnyte
    Roxicet lov
    i just got roxicet and i feel great as i can and i love the way it makes me feel happy and when i'm on the pill i fill like i can talk to anybody about anything but on the real i lov the pill
    Imupallnyte- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  10. link Telmiwatsgoinon
    Roxicet float away, relaxation, literally
    makes you feel happy as a person and all your problems seem to float away. you feel a relaxation go through your whole body , you can literally lay in bed for three hours thinking of nothing
    Telmiwatsgoinon- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  11. link Telmiwatsgoinon
    Roxicet barbed wire fence, morphene, dissapointed, ml bottle, morphen
    well about eight months ago i got into a horrible atv accident were i slammed into a barbed wire fence and split my neck from ear to ear, amazingly my arterie was exactly the thickness of a paper from being touched by the wire, im only fifteen and iv - 75% more...
    Telmiwatsgoinon- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  12. link Blue_eyedbrat61
    Roxicet toe nails, purple color, sincerley, emergancy, hickok
    husband is taking this prescription along with cipro tabs and the side affect that he has showed me is dicoloration in his finger and toe nails they are of a purple color should we be concerned ? can not get through to an emergancy nurse please reply - 11% more...
    Blue_eyedbrat61- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  13. link Bsjs
    Roxicet oral solution
    How long does it stay in ones system?
    Bsjs- over a year ago - in Roxicet
  14. link Domore375
    feeling of WELL being for a short while
    Domore375- over a year ago - in Roxicet