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  1. link Small_peanut
    Rhinocort bloody nose
    I actually love Rhinocort. The only side effect for me is that I get an occasional bloody nose - anyone else? I do get itchy on occasion but never rel - 14% more...
    Small_peanut- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  2. link Krskrs
    Rhinocort particularily, canadia, difficulty swallowing, to no avail, sorts
    Sometimes when I use it for a continute period of time two sprays a day and but more particularily when I exceed that dose, I get a canadia infection - 62% more...
    Krskrs- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  3. link Zooie
    Rhinocort burning sensation, nostrils
    After two months of use I intermittantly smelled something pungent accompanied by a slight burning sensation in my nostrils.
    Zooie- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  4. link Spsgroup1
    Rhinocort anxiety
    I've used this for a short time. First for a week, then stopped, and now for 2 days. I started to feel anxiety. Also a tingling in my hand, legs. I do - 32% more...
    Spsgroup1- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  5. link Cohcorp02
    Rhinocort asma, mucus, allergies
    Using due to allergies when couldn't stop sneezing and nose very sore. First time used ok, had break for a month and using again when asma deteriorate - 29% more...
    Cohcorp02- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  6. link Gailyeats
    Rhinocort sense of smell, smell loss, nose swells
    I have lost my sense of smell and have often wondered if it was the rhinocort that I started using everyday. After 4 months of using it and as many no - 73% more...
    Gailyeats- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  7. link Szurich99
    Rhinocort coincidence, allergies
    My nose is swollen and sore. I've been using Rhinocort for 2 weeks for extreme stuffiness due to allergies. My dr. says that the swellling is not from - 53% more...
    Szurich99- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  8. link Denpercha
    Rhinocort sinus infection, muscle cramps, legs muscle, arms and legs, itchy skin
    I am a 52 year old female using Rhinocort for a sinus infection. This is the second day I have used it and I am experiencing very itchy skin on my nec - 60% more...
    Denpercha- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
  9. link Arnabatc
    Rhinocort possible connection, medication
    My seven year old son urinates frequently and my Dr. stated there may be a possible connection to this medication.
    Arnabatc- over a year ago - in Rhinocort
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