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  1. link 4sam
    preservative free?
    Is Lubrifresh P.M. Eye Ointment, free of preservatives ?
    4sam- over a year ago - in Refresh PM
  2. link 0916yolanda
    Refresh PM intraocular pressure, lubricant eye, june 24
    June 24,2009: Intraocular pressure was 10/10 in left/right eyes. I started to use Refresh PM 06/26/2009, and on August 24, 2009, intraocular pressure - 50% more...
    0916yolanda- over a year ago - in Refresh PM
  3. link Mu4quest
    Refresh PM yellow blotches, white background, medication, noticeable
    I am seeing light yellow blotches(weblike)....most noticeable on a white background. Have been using Refresh pm (at night only) for more than 5 years. - 22% more...
    Mu4quest- over a year ago - in Refresh PM
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