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  1. link Lesley31864
    Symptoms of RD
    I was diagnosed with RD in 2002 following a heart attack I was 37. I seemed to manage my RD quite well untill 2 years ago when my toes suddenly went black overnight and the pain was unbearable. I was put on medication and it help remarkedly. Now I fi - 49% more...
    Lesley31864- over a year ago - in Raynaud's Disease
  2. link Kennyla
    Raynaud's Disease experience
    I'd like to start sharing my experience with RD and hope to learn how other people are handling it. I used to be able to play in the snow. But in a nice weather, probably with temperature in the 40s F, before sunset, my hands and ears started swellin - 79% more...
    Kennyla- over a year ago - in Raynaud's Disease