Questran Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Questran by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Benadams201- 5 months ago - in Questran
  2. link Nsmith4366
    Questran high fiber diet, bile salt, welchol, diahhrea, saved my life
    If you have had your gallbladder out PLEASE email me!!! I had mine out in 99 and had chronic diahhrea for 2 years! Stupid gastros said I had IBS! THAT WAS BS!! I was finally given Questran and it saved my life literally. But it was very constipating - 62% more...
    Nsmith4366- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Questran
  3. link Taffy
    Same story. Had gallbladder out 20 years ago, trouble ever since. Taking cholestyramine (Questran) for 20 years and it helped a bit. The past 3 years it has not helped. Gastroenerologist put me on Cotazym a Pancrealipase enzyme. This stuff worked imm - 64% more...
    Taffy- over a year ago
  4. link Floinpa48
    hi yes i had my galbladder out 10 yrs ago.and i have diahhrea and my dr gave me questran worked well but now the drug store cant get the kind i was im on the other 1 which is a different brand and i have diahhrea how long does it - 5% more...
    Floinpa48- over a year ago
  5. link Rosemaryanncrack
    Questran availability
    Please can you tell me if questran lights are being taken off the market my pharmacy has had real problems obtaining my last prescription for these also a friend who also takes them has also been told all questran products have been taken off. I am r - 19% more...
    Rosemaryanncrack- over a year ago - in Questran
  6. link Cjluna
    Questran high cholesterol, triglycerides, severe constipation, colon, obstipation
    I was prescribed Questran for high cholesterol. However, a few months after starting it, I began to develop severe constipation. I reported it but was told that this was probably not a side effect of Questran. After taking it for six months, I stoppe - 76% more...
    Cjluna- over a year ago - in Questran
  7. link Fred407
    Side effects
    I've been on Questran for 2 years. It works great for Bile salts control, but these side effects seem to be increasing. Besides the cramping & gas, I've had urinary pain and dizziness. Now I'm getting facial tingling & numbness and these ugly - 49% more...
    Fred407- over a year ago - in Questran
  8. link Stardust248
    Questran constipated, enemas, gosh, accidents
    I just started questran a few days ago. I'm so worried I am going to be constipated and have to do enemas.. I just want to be free to leave the house and if I get the feeling, I'll be able to make it somewhere safely... gosh, I don't want any acciden - 1% more...
    Stardust248- over a year ago - in Questran
  9. link Mart3337
    Questran gallbladder removed, chronic diarrhea, absorbing, pkg, vitamins
    I have taken Questran for many years. I had my gallbladder removed in 1984. I suffered from chronic diarrhea thereafter. This was the first drug to help at all. Then, I started having a lot of problems absorbing vitamins & medicines. I have iron- - 55% more...
    Mart3337- over a year ago - in Questran
  10. link Gingy1
    I had sent a message on Questran. I do not have side affects like I was reading. It has been a what I call a life saver for me. It was not given to me for cholesterol but fo diaherra. That I had suffered with for years. It stopped it imediallty. I ta - 25% more...
    Gingy1- over a year ago - in Questran
  11. link Gingy1
    Questran normal bowel movements, diarrhea, doctor gave, saved my life, cholesterol
    I am so glad to read about people who take Questran. I was given Questran several years ago. But not for Cholesterol. The Doctor gave it to me because I had diarrhea all the time . Itake 1 packet everymorning. If I didn't I would not be able to leave - 58% more...
    Gingy1- over a year ago - in Questran
  12. link Gbretz
    Questran statin drugs, medication, triclycerides, fibromyalgia, panic and anxiety
    I was started on Questran over three months ago since I had reacted badly to statin drugs. I was taking 1 scoop twice a day. With that dosage I had some nausea and other similar feeling, but not unbearable. However, after three months of usage my ove - 89% more...
    Gbretz- over a year ago - in Questran
  13. link Pcourtney
    questran and hematuria
    Can someone offer information reguarding the mechanism resulting in the side effect of hematuria some patients experience while taking Questran? Thank-you
    Pcourtney- over a year ago - in Questran
  14. link Guest204
    Questran reguarding, ms4, hematuria, pj
    Question reguarding side effects Can you offer some explanation reguarding the mechanism resulting in hematuria? Thank-you PJ Courtney MS4
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Questran
  15. link Ellensp8
    questran and irritable bowel syndrome
    Has anyone tried questran for I.B.S? I have heard of a couple of people who think they have had suscess with a combination of questran and metamuscile.
    Ellensp8- over a year ago - in Questran
  16. link Guest204
    Questran intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, intestines, gallbladder, constipation
    I have been taking questran for two years for diarrhea following removal of my gallbladder. It works wonderfully and stopped the diarrhea from the first dose. I take only 1/2 pkg. once per day. However, it has caused my intestines to stop functioning - 21% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Questran