SudafedĀ® (pseudoephedrine hydrochloride) is a medication used to relieve nasal congestion due to allergies or the common cold. It can also be used for relieving sinus congestion and pressure. Different versions of the drug (which come in the form of extended-release tablets, immediate-release tablets, and a liquid) can be purchased without a prescription, but they are kept behind the pharmacy counter, and you must show identification to buy them.


Pseudofed Discussions

  1. link Wheezie
    pseudofed in urine drug screens
    Can you tell me if pseudofed show in a urine drug screen as an amphetamine. A friend recently had a urine drug screen for a job possibility and was to - 36% more...
    Wheezie- over a year ago - in Pseudofed
  2. link Lauras25911
    I'd like to know what is the time frame for buying pseudofed? If I bought 96 tablets today, when will I be allowed to purchase more from the same drug - 44% more...
    Lauras25911- over a year ago - in Pseudofed
  3. link Kathydixon
    Pseudofed air pressure
    I take pseudofed 1 hour before fluing to relieve the discomforts in change of air pressure.
    Kathydixon- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Pseudofed
  4. link Cag93
    Pseudofed headache
    pressure on ears, headache
    Cag93- over a year ago - in Pseudofed
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