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  1. link Nurse42
    Provigil chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep clinic, empty stomach, indigestion, couple weeks
    Provigil saved my life! Been taking it every day for years now after a weird sleep condition left me virtually bed bound, unable to work-it was though - 67% more...
    Nurse42- over a year ago - in Provigil
  2. link Idontwant2
    Provigil stay at home mom, nasty taste, new med, hearing things, foaming at the mouth
    Provigil so far and made some inhancements in my life. i am diagnosed as:A Narcoleptic\Insomniac,W/Apnea. At this time i am a stay at home mom. //very - 82% more...
    Idontwant2- over a year ago - in Provigil
  3. link Mmd
    Provigil waking up in the morning, sleep
    This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have taken Provigil for several years 200 mg every morning. I feel awake, but not jittery. I sleep - 40% more...
    Mmd- over a year ago - in Provigil
  4. link Emp
    Provigil aspirin, headaches, sleep
    Use Provigil for sleep apnea, prior to taken have to take an aspirin to prevent the headaches. Otherwise I have no other side effects and works well. - 29% more...
    Emp- over a year ago - in Provigil
  5. link Suegator
    Provigil smart drugs, pneumonia, liver, merger, sleep
    Provigil is the newest in "smart drugs" developed initially for airforce pilots to perform when sleep deprived. It doesn't have long term ef - 84% more...
    Suegator- over a year ago - in Provigil
  6. link Annie67
    Provigil fatique, provigil, sleep, heart
    Provigil my body hates it. I'm wide awake and can't get anything done.
    Annie67- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Provigil
  7. link Bp1
    Provigil pins and needles, geodon, morn, bipolar, long time
    I'm taking 400 mg of Provigil, 200 in the morn and 200 in the afternoon. What are the side effects? I take five diff. drugs and am trying to figure ou - 71% more...
    Bp1- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Provigil
  8. link Khickey
    Provigil cfs
    Provigil is not doing a whole hell of a lot for me. Using it for CFS.
    Khickey- over a year ago - in Provigil
  9. link Drmccalvin
    Drug classification
    What class of drug is provigil? Is it an amphetamine or an amphetamine salt?
    Drmccalvin- over a year ago - in Provigil
  10. link Scorpio19th
    Provigil side effects
    I've been on provigil for six years, since my diagnosis for multiple sclerosis, when I told my neurologist that my biggest issue was the debilitating - 78% more...
    Scorpio19th- over a year ago - in Provigil
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