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  1. link Donnajean
    Prilosec OTC visual acuity, exact scenario, frontal lobe, left eye, prilosec
    Severe frontal lobe headaches that occur upon waking in the AM. Today also had visual acuity affected in left eye. The pain was like nothing I have ev - 72% more...
    Donnajean- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Prilosec OTC
  2. link Squirrel91
    Prilosec OTC i cant sleep, office bp, omeprazole, i cant sleep at night, gastro
    I started taking Prilosec OTC a month ago to treat GERD...just over a month ago. Very shortly after starting the medication, I noticed I was getting d - 86% more...
    Squirrel91- over a year ago - in Prilosec OTC
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