Phentermine Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Phentermine by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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  4. link Flowerlady
    I lost weight was 246lbs and now 210
    I started takeing phentermine on Dec. 3, 2010 and weight 246 and now today 1-6-11 I weight 210. My goal is 170lbs and I am headed their. I feel great and no problems at all with it.
    Flowerlady- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  5. link Southern12
    Urine test
    Can a person test positive for meth when taking phentermine?
    Southern12- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Phentermine
  6. link Cheeky910
    Yes you can. Just make sure you always have your prescription handy. It will test positive for amphentamines.
    Cheeky910- over a year ago
  7. link Sighlent
    Phentermine anxiety nervousness, abdominal cramps, rapid heartbeat, constipation, panic attacks
    I have been taking Phentermine under the direction of my dr. now for about 2 years (on for 6 months off for 6 months). I started at 250 pounds and I'm now at 180. My goal is 135-140. I can not stress enough how very important it is to DRINK WATER whi - 77% more...
    Sighlent- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Phentermine
  8. link Jim2627
    I have been on it off and on for awhile now. I have felt nothing but great on it. I do have energy for my workouts, and I do drink a lot of water. I doesn't keep me up at night either. I guess I'm just lucky on it. Only thing is dry mouth really and - 8% more...
    Jim2627- over a year ago
  9. link Precious5031
    I have been taking phen for 3 days now second cycle, I feel a little hungry, I drink lots of orange juice, makes me feel full
    Precious5031- over a year ago
  10. link Tiffanydyme
    lmao@ you'll clean your whole house on this stuff!
    Tiffanydyme- over a year ago
  11. link Jsherman
    OMG This stuff is awful! I thought I was having heart attacks. Nausea and extremely rapid heart beats. My doctor told me to stop taking it immediately.
    Jsherman- over a year ago
  12. link Jsherman
    This stuff gave me rapid heart beats. I thought I was having a heart attack on two different occations! My does was 50mg. I also felt so naueseated. My MD immediately took me off if it
    Jsherman- over a year ago
  13. link Melindag
    Phentermine medication, few days, headache
    I just started taking Phentermine a few days ago, and I feel jittery and foggy like I can't focus and concentrate. I also have had a headache off and on and started spotting yesterday. So the post from the girl above is not the only one by someone on - 64% more...
    Melindag- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  14. link Beaverly99
    Phentermine extreme tiredness, weak knees, tremors
    I've been off this drug for three weeks after taking it on and off for three years. Now I have tremors, shakes, extreme tiredness in my arms and hands, foggy thinking, weak knees, vibrating feeling at rest, twitches, swaying feeling. How long will th - 23% more...
    Beaverly99- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  15. link Sandra1
    Phentermine ears
    I've been taking phentermine for about four days and know i feel light headed dizzy and feel like i am going to pass out, my ears feels like i am going up a mountain in a car, they pop like if i really was...i dont like this for that mat - 15% more...
    Sandra1- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  16. link Ericnraven
    Phentermine levoxyl, phen, period of time
    I've been taking phentermine for about 2 weeks now and I also take levoxyl .175. It seems like about 2 hours after I take the Phen, I feel overwhelming exhausted. It feels like I can't do anything during this period of time, it lasts for about 2 hour - 28% more...
    Ericnraven- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  17. link Supermedic
    Phentermine meth amphetamines, menstrual cycle problems, sam s club, drug addict, costco
    I've been on Phentermine on and off for about 12 years. Phentermine does work really well but as with any change in eating habits or diet, you must continue to eat well when you are off of it. Because Phentermine is classified as an Amphetamine, you - 87% more...
    Supermedic- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  18. link Nails1677
    how safe is it
    i take lithium,prothiaden and thyroxine is this drug safe for me
    Nails1677- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Phentermine
  19. link Csalt
    NO! It isn't safe to take with Lithium...
    Csalt- over a year ago
  20. link Ebabewi
    Constipation while taking Phenternine.
    I have been on this for 6 weeks now and have dealing with constipation while taking this. I stop for a couple of days to get back to normal and then start taking the med again. I'm noticing that this is the case all the time. I would like to know if - 14% more...
    Ebabewi- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Phentermine
  21. link Csalt
    you should be taking calcium and fiber with your medicine. Try Benefiber three times a day until you get regular. Should do the trick. But stopping and starting is not a good idea- it's very hard on your body.
    Csalt- over a year ago
  22. link Greys43
    When I get that way for any reason I drink a lot of lemonaid it works. Deb
    Greys43- over a year ago
  23. link Musclemanluver
    Phentermine strange side effects, random spots, cotton mouth, proper diet, goose bumps
    Phentermine (the generic for Adipex) tends to give me some strange side effects. I get random spots on my arms or head where it is fuzzy feeling and I get a patch of goose bumps. I do not have as much of cotton-mouth as I do with Adipex. Both phenter - 40% more...
    Musclemanluver- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  24. link Cjc1961
    Shortness of breath witih Phentermine
    I have been on this medication for 60 days and have lost 20 has worked great. For the past 10 days I have had shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I have another 30 pounds to lose. Will any lasting harm be done if I continue the m - 38% more...
    Cjc1961- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  25. link Amhpi
    Phentermine bad news
    bad news. I can barely walk my legs are so weak.
    Amhpi- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  26. link Mekameka
    Phentermine weird reason, pills
    my period was never regular ,but for some weird reason after about 2 weeks after starting phentermine, i noticed i was spoting more and more, i asked my dr. what was going on he said it was a common side effect, but this month it was different, first - 44% more...
    Mekameka- over a year ago - in Phentermine
  27. link Lford
    Phentermine birth control
    I have been taking Phentermine for about 1 month and have lost 10 lbs. I weighed 136 before i started taking it. I am only going to take it unitl i get back to my prebaby size(which is 110). Im also only taking half of the 37.5. But i have a question - 30% more...
    Lford- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Phentermine
  28. link Stacy888
    I would check if the bcp's are ok--I am unsure.As far as gaining the weight back--absolutely if you are not careful.
    Stacy888- over a year ago