Pepcid Side Effects

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  1. link Schwartzr
    Pepcid side effects
    Has anyone reported difficulty with urination and frequent bowel movements with the use of Pepcid. I have taken the OTC 10 mg capsules twice a day for 4 days, and the symptoms began after the first day.
    Schwartzr- over a year ago - in Pepcid
  2. link Molikach
    I found a lot of horrible side effects on a forum here in relation to the drug, Singulair, which has caused so much harm to my 17-month old son. Now, I'm just trying to see what people are saying about how Pepcid has affected their children (he's als - 59% more...
    Molikach- over a year ago - in Pepcid
  3. link Jessicakirk
    Should Pepcid and Nexium be taken together?
    My father has been prescribed Pepcid and Nexium to be taken once daily. I have read about these two drugs and I understand that they do the same things. Should they be taken together?
    Jessicakirk- over a year ago - in Pepcid