Papain Side Effects

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  1. link Jacobjeyasekaran
    My wife is taking warfarin for blood thinning , she has been asked to maintain INR at 2.5 and above. Earlier to this she was taking papaya leaf tea twice a day ( say 100 ml a day ) for anti tumor activities. can she take papaya leaf tea along with wa - 26% more...
    Jacobjeyasekaran- over a year ago - in Papain
  2. link Pacific
    Papain papaya enzyme, atenolol, high blood pressure, costocondritis, inflames
    The past three days I have been taking chewable papain after meals or after eating. I take atenolol for high blood pressure. Last night and today I feel like I have not taken any atenolol. I am wondering if the papaya enzyme has canceled out the aten - 63% more...
    Pacific- over a year ago - in Papain
  3. link Dktoj
    Side effect for Papain
    Would anyone know if Papain are approved by FDA. Could it be approved as a drug, medical device (combination product) or a health product.
    Dktoj- over a year ago - in Papain