Panadol is the GlaxoSmithKline brand name of the phamaceutical paracetamol (para-acetylaminophenol), which is administered to reduce pain and fever. There are many similar products marketed under other names. For example, in India, paracetamol is sold as Crocin and in Colombia it is marketed as Dolex. It is sold in more than 85 countries.1 However, in North America, Johnson and Johnson’s Tylenol is the leading brand of paracetamol.


Panadol Discussions

  1. link Blagota
    Alergiv to Panadol or Disprin
    I get these little bumps on my head when ever i take panadol or disprin. They are Itchy like Hives and go away after some time. I used to only get the - 43% more...
    Blagota- over a year ago - in Panadol
  2. link Afifa
    panadol and liver inflamation
    My mother was given panadol and her liver was seriously inflamed , it caused her extreme pain and discomfort for many days, we were told she is allerg - 22% more...
    Afifa- over a year ago - in Panadol
  3. link Wiggyjenkins
    Panadol stomach pains, loss of appetite, headaches
    headaches, loss of appetite, stomach pains and not strong enough. from anonymous NZ
    Wiggyjenkins- over a year ago - in Panadol
  4. link Tammy2828
    class of drug?
    Is panadol a narcotic?
    Tammy2828- over a year ago - in Panadol
  5. link Sushisushie
    types of Panadol
    what are the types of Panadol?
    Sushisushie- over a year ago - in Panadol
  6. link Khalida
    effect on reproduction
    Is Panadol harmful or not advisable when you are trying to conceive,does it effect ovulation or other side effect do to which you could not conceive?
    Khalida- over a year ago - in Panadol
  7. link Brenteason
    pain in tooth
    i have been taking about 6 panadole a day for a week now because i have a major tooth ache because it is infected in th gum. what affects will yhis ha - 12% more...
    Brenteason- over a year ago - in Panadol
  8. link Mannie
    Side Effects
    Panadol Extend
    Mannie- over a year ago - in Panadol
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