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  1. link Savannahbelladevin
    I have been nausea and vomting for the past 2 years. Been to the moltity doctor and he has givng me Pamine, Cafate, Zofran, Phenergen, Amttripline,Dox - 79% more...
    Savannahbelladevin- over a year ago - in Pamine
  2. link Susan0249
    Pamine flem, blurred vision, cough, medication
    Not only do I have blurred vision, shortly after taking Pamine, I start with a hacking cough and flem in my throat. The other day I was eating somethi - 50% more...
    Susan0249- over a year ago - in Pamine
  3. link Godcorrections
    Pamine aproximately, swallow
    Severe mouth, nasal, and throat dryness. Unable to swallow. Side effects lasting aproximately three hours.
    Godcorrections- over a year ago - in Pamine
  4. link Thomasaquino
    Pamine bad vision, blurred vision
    I have been on Pamine for about 4 weeks now only when needed I am experiencing blurred vision when will it stop. Never had bad vision until using this - 29% more...
    Thomasaquino- over a year ago - in Pamine
  5. link Sharonlkapocsi
    Pamine bleeding gums
    bleeding gums
    Sharonlkapocsi- over a year ago - in Pamine
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