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  1. link Tammy Jones
    oxytocin sublingual tablets
    available with a prescription at most compounding pharmacy's and can be sent to any state from another (legally). Just ask your dr. and then look up c - 62% more...
    Tammy Jones- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
  2. link Sexylegs6262
    buy oxtoxin spray
    where can i buy this product in bulk
    Sexylegs6262- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
  3. link Trudyc
    can i buy Oxytocin over the counter or on the internet?
    Hi, I saw an ad for prescription strength oxytocin. Is it possible to get Oxytocin spray or under the tongue lozenge without a prescription? thanks, t - 3% more...
    Trudyc- over a year ago - 15 Replies - in Oxytocin
  4. link Amazak
    Need Oxytocin nasal spray, please make me an offer.
    Amazak- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
  5. link Feeshbone11
    learning oxytocin
    please send me a copy of classification of oxytocin, its indication, contra-indication, and side effects
    Feeshbone11- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
  6. link Msdeefmtn
    I have severe back pain due to osteo--my pharmacy is charging wayyyyy too much--can I buy on line for less?? Am on a 10/500 dose B.I.D
    Msdeefmtn- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
  7. link Dasmith
    Want to buy Oxytocin online and am breastfeeding
    I would like to find an online source to buy Oxytocin. I am breast feeding and nearing the dry up phase and feel Oxytocin would boost my milk level pr - 32% more...
    Dasmith- over a year ago - in Oxytocin
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