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  1. link Enidlin
    I've been using Orencia for 5 months. I found I had hard time to sleep since I started to use it. I have to take sleep aid every night or, I would sta - 68% more...
    Enidlin- over a year ago - in Orencia
  2. link Macyroseallen
    Depression with orencia
    I have been experiencing terrible depression since four days after my last treatment with orencia. Has anyone else suffered from this as a side effect - 7% more...
    Macyroseallen- over a year ago - in Orencia
  3. link Kmoore1020
    Orencia and Zyrtec
    My doc will not give me Orencia unless I take a Zyrtec tablet 2 hours before the infusion. Anyone know why? I have never had Orencia before.
    Kmoore1020- over a year ago - in Orencia
  4. link Pandab
    Orencia heart palpations, wpw, ra, postings
    My mother is taking Orencia for her RA. It is doing wonders for her. She is now able to walk most of the time without the use of a cane. Although with - 63% more...
    Pandab- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Orencia
  5. link Dcbrosius
    orencia and depression
    I have a dear Aunt who just started Orencia infusions. She has had the first two and she has become severely depressed. I can't find anything on this - 34% more...
    Dcbrosius- over a year ago - in Orencia
  6. link Macyrose
    Orencia ra/rheumatoid arthritis
    Orencia is working well for my RA.
    Macyrose- over a year ago - in Orencia
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