Opana Side Effects

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  1. link Helpjenny
    how does pana compare to oxycontin?are the ingredients similar? I do not want to take the new oxycontin op's they have epoxy in them and are causing breathing problems, headaches, & upset stomachs. Great Britain & Canada won't even allow them - 4% more...
    Helpjenny- over a year ago - in Opana
  2. link Buckwheat1313
    excersise and pain killers
    does any one know how well opana works for relief of pain. i usually take 1 to 2 percocet 10 mg tablets before i start my exercise in the morning so that the pain level dosent get so bad that i cant control it. my doctor wants to put me on opana, wit - 42% more...
    Buckwheat1313- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Opana
  3. link 777
    buckwheat1313 . . . I don't know why you need pain killers, BUT, taking a stronger drug is NOT the answers. There are many products/alternatives to help health issues . . .instead of drugs that cause many side effects. . . .most drs. are drug-happy.
    777- over a year ago