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  1. link Sevenofnine
    NovoLog animal insulins, animal insulin, legs feet, hematologist, type 1 diabetes
    I’ve been on Lantus and Novolog since Dec. 2008. Since that time I have experienced the following symptoms whenever I take either if these insulins: d - 78% more...
    Sevenofnine- over a year ago - in NovoLog
  2. link Paguilar
    supervisor ADA
    What is the difference between novolin and novolog
    Paguilar- over a year ago - in NovoLog
  3. link Clnc
    difference in novolog 70/30 and novalog100??
    What is the difference in 70/30 and 100 novalog?
    Clnc- over a year ago - in NovoLog
  4. link Vlm1961
    I have gained a tremendous amount of weight.
    Vlm1961- over a year ago - in NovoLog
  5. link Chip1969
    Hi, my spouse has high sugar and i was woundering if you had any type of program to help low income. We can't afford her insulin and she is in the hos - 56% more...
    Chip1969- over a year ago - in NovoLog
  6. link Bobbifitz
    I have gainel 22 lbs. since taking Nopvolog. Please let me know if this is a side effdect of Novolog. Thank You
    Bobbifitz- over a year ago - in NovoLog
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