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  1. link Jackcoal
    Nifedipine May Be Indicated In Irreversible Erectile Dysfunction
    I feel that nifedipine has caused irreversible erectile dysfunction with me. I've inherited severe hypertension and in 2007 was prescribed 90mg of nif - 89% more...
    Jackcoal- over a year ago - in Nifedipine
  2. link Bourassa
    what are the ingredients, does it have wheat/gluten
    Bourassa- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Nifedipine
  3. link Morton256
    Nifedipine fatigue and dizziness, weird dreams, pounding heart, enalapril, dizziness
    Pounding heart about 10 to 15 minutes after taking the pill, but only lasted a few minutes. However I had steady headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Als - 40% more...
    Morton256- over a year ago - in Nifedipine
  4. link Martha.a.anderson
    Nifedipine loss of appetite, memory loss, weight loss
    memory loss, loss of appetite, weight loss
    Martha.a.anderson- over a year ago - in Nifedipine
  5. link Kjranch
    Nifedipine lower leg swelling, swelling of the feet, ankles
    I am experiencing extreme swelling of the feet and ankles as well as lower leg swelling with this drug.
    Kjranch- over a year ago - in Nifedipine
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