Neurobion is known to help with lack of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and their part as co-enzymes are necessary factors to be included in the metabolism of the nervous system.

Neurobion also supports the regeneration of some nerve fibers and myelin in the way of activating the metabolism and natural mechanisms.

B group vitamins are so called co-enzymes and essential substaces for our metabolism.

These vitamins are very important at neuropathies treatment, that is because they have a specific functions within metabolism. The functional and structural integrity of the nerve fibres is dependent on an enzymatically controlled metabolism in which the vitamins of the B group occupy key positions as co-enzymes.


Neurobion Discussions

  1. link Liliane
    Numbing/weird tast on tongue
    I've had numbing/weird taste feeling in my tongue for the past 2 months, doctor prescribed Neurobion & magnesium pills for 1 month. Does Neurobion - 17% more...
    Liliane- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  2. link Mhrynel18
    im having panic attacks would neurobion be of help?
    Mhrynel18- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  3. link Paulcozzo
    Panic attack and EDS
    I take Adderall for EDS and Klonopin for panic attacks. This combo works for me. I have been on Zoloft, Celexa and Wellbutrin but these Meds don't wor - 6% more...
    Paulcozzo- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  4. link S0154840i
    lower backache n disc degeneration
    i am 56 year old n i got lower backache n disc degeneration problem.can i take 1 per day for long term as a vitamins.
    S0154840i- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  5. link Lauraw52
    Neurobion cervical spondylosis, nerves, toes
    Of recent time I have hives and rashes, do I stop taking Neurobion. I have cervical spondylosis which is why the doctor prescribed use of neurobion as - 43% more...
    Lauraw52- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  6. link Panji
    Vitamin B12
    Where are the Vit B12 on Neurobion come from, what are their suorce of origin? thks
    Panji- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  7. link Xinhui8810
    neurobion & methylcobalamine
    When will one being prescribed neurobion & methylcobalamine together?
    Xinhui8810- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  8. link Hanin
    is it o.ok. 1 neurobion inj every 3 days.. for ever?
    I have ms and feel that neurobion inj makes me better.. can I use it for unlimited period?
    Hanin- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  9. link 567765
    Mental Booster
    I have red that taking Vitamin-B's (B6 & B12) help sharpens memory. In the case of Neurobion since it contains mostly Vitamins-B's, does it suppor - 23% more...
    567765- over a year ago - in Neurobion
  10. link Sumbolalvi
    relif in pain
    how does neurobion relieves in muscular pain? does it have medicines other than vitamin b which helps with the neurological disorder?
    Sumbolalvi- over a year ago - in Neurobion
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