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  1. link Sbrose3
    Difficulty breathing and "Heaviness" on heart
    I have been using Neo-Synephrine for a little over a month. About a week ago I started experiencing a "heaviness" on my heart and difficulty - 47% more...
    Sbrose3- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Neo-Synephrine
  2. link Cemt5462
    False Positive
    Can Synephrine cause you to have a false positive on a drug screen?
    Cemt5462- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  3. link Garret00
    Garret00- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  4. link Act4803
    Drops versus Spray
    I can not find the drops anywhere, only the spray, is there some reason why this can not be found
    Act4803- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  5. link Perfectlyflawed
    Neo-Synephrine 5 months, nares, afrin, nostril, dilemma
    I've been using it for 5 months. i go through a bottle in a week and a half and every time i try to get off my nose gets so congested it hurts and mak - 34% more...
    Perfectlyflawed- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Neo-Synephrine
  6. link Ballina7
    Neo-Synephrine apparent loss, decreased ability, dysphagia, pharyngeal, bolus
    dysphagia -- apparent loss of ability to initiate pharyngeal stage of swallow with solids secondary to decreased ability of receptors in tongue base t - 14% more...
    Ballina7- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  7. link Accentmobile
    Neo-Synephrine take a deep breath, heart rate, hold your breath, taking a shower, neo 4
    I took Neo 12 hour twice in the prescribed 24 hour period. I noticed the next morning that my heart rate was elevated upon rising, and while taking a - 79% more...
    Accentmobile- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  8. link Redrose
    Neo-Synephrine low blood pressure, stress test, heart cath, neosynephrine, nasal solution
    This may answer alot of questions. I've been using neosynephrine for 40 years. One to two bottles a week. Started with 1/2%, I think that's what it wa - 86% more...
    Redrose- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  9. link Coumadin
    Neosynephrine combined w/ Coumadin
    I work in a Coumadin clinic and I am finding that patients that have been to the eye Dr and have had their eyes dilated it is causing them to have an - 55% more...
    Coumadin- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
  10. link Ljedwards
    Neo-Synephrine rebound effect, neosynephrine
    Short of recommending that someone see an ENT Specialist, what should someone do if they have been using neosynephrine for 3 years. I understand about - 37% more...
    Ljedwards- over a year ago - in Neo-Synephrine
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