Naproxen Side Effects

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  1. link Tracyperry65
    ulcers in the mouth
    since taking this medication i have been getting mouth ulccers has this affected anyone else?
    Tracyperry65- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  2. link Niyah14
    it was great for me it stopped my pain and everything
    Niyah14- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  3. link Sarahs777
    allergic reaction
    what symptoms will happen to me if I have an allergic reaction to naproxen 500mg tablets? What medicine can I take to counteract this allergic reaction?
    Sarahs777- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Naproxen
  4. link Dixiesweetheart
    last night i had an allergic reaction to it.i had diaherra,constant stomach pain,difficulty breating, and i also had a black stool.the hospital gave me an antihistamine and a lot better but with a few stomach pains here and there.if any o - 15% more...
    Dixiesweetheart- over a year ago
  5. link Kk1
    what do i do?
    what is naproxen prescribed for?
    Kk1- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  6. link Danatjd
    does naproxen cause brusing ?
    I have been taking naproxen for several months now and hace noticed bruised (varing from the size of a quarter to a silver dollar) I have stopped the naproxen hoe can i get rid of these bruises quickly its summer and im embarrassed to where shorts
    Danatjd- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  7. link Loulou211
    naprozen and diabetes
    My mother is a diabetes person and I'm concern the other day she taken naprozen for pain if there is any warning signs or side effect for this medication taken together. Please answer ASAP. Thank You, MARIA
    Loulou211- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  8. link Hernandez
    im on blood thinner
    can i take this medication
    Hernandez- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Naproxen
  9. link Reese99
    If you are on warfarin, coumadin, etc... No. You really need to talk to your doctor about any new medications that you want to take. Ask, ask, ask it could throw off your INR and your doctor knows best.
    Reese99- over a year ago
  10. link Hernandez
    can i take this medication if so how much
    Hernandez- over a year ago
  11. link Oneangelbaby1031
    Naproxen noticed alot, hard time
    i've been taking naproxen for 2 weeks now and i've noticed alot of bruising,everywhere. anyone else with this problem? and i had a hard time staying up for just a few days but i am now over that.
    Oneangelbaby1031- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  12. link Improvingmyself721
    Naproxen high blood pressure, lisinpril, hctz, three times daily
    I was prescribe Naproxen 375 mg per tablet three times daily I'm also on Lisinpril HCTZ 20/25 for my high blood pressure. I've notice that when I take them I feel nerve so I decided to only take an half tablet of Naproxen and it hasn't improve that m - 4% more...
    Improvingmyself721- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  13. link Knighttime51
    Just started taking. Wondering what current side effects are?
    Knighttime51- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  14. link Wildfire24k
    Naproxen naproxen sodium, gained weight since, cause weight gain, pinched nerve, inflammation
    I have been taking 2 tablets of naproxen sodium daily for the past 2 weeks to reduce inflammation of a pinched nerve in my arm... I seem to have gained weight since then...does the "sodium" component cause weight gain similar to regular sodium?
    Wildfire24k- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  15. link List731
    Naproxen caffiene, aleve, stay awake
    Ibwant to know if anyone has had the side effect of not sleeping from taking naproxen? I started taking naproxen in August and it worked wonderfully. At the beginning, I could barely stay awake, haveing to drink caffiene all day. Then as the months w - 45% more...
    List731- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  16. link Rabbittned39
    Naproxen diarhea
    Rabbittned39- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  17. link Sparkle_06108
    Naproxen mood swings, hae, flu
    I have horrible mood swings and I also hae the flu like feeling when your head seems heavier then usual.
    Sparkle_06108- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  18. link Jordamlon
    Jordamlon- over a year ago - in Naproxen