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  1. link Tracyperry65
    ulcers in the mouth
    since taking this medication i have been getting mouth ulccers has this affected anyone else?
    Tracyperry65- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  2. link Niyah14
    it was great for me it stopped my pain and everything
    Niyah14- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  3. link Kk1
    what do i do?
    what is naproxen prescribed for?
    Kk1- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  4. link Sarahs777
    allergic reaction
    what symptoms will happen to me if I have an allergic reaction to naproxen 500mg tablets? What medicine can I take to counteract this allergic reactio - 2% more...
    Sarahs777- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Naproxen
  5. link Danatjd
    does naproxen cause brusing ?
    I have been taking naproxen for several months now and hace noticed bruised (varing from the size of a quarter to a silver dollar) I have stopped the - 40% more...
    Danatjd- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  6. link Loulou211
    naprozen and diabetes
    My mother is a diabetes person and I'm concern the other day she taken naprozen for pain if there is any warning signs or side effect for this medicat - 28% more...
    Loulou211- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  7. link Hernandez
    im on blood thinner
    can i take this medication
    Hernandez- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Naproxen
  8. link Oneangelbaby1031
    Naproxen noticed alot, hard time
    i've been taking naproxen for 2 weeks now and i've noticed alot of bruising,everywhere. anyone else with this problem? and i had a hard time staying u - 24% more...
    Oneangelbaby1031- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  9. link Improvingmyself721
    Naproxen high blood pressure, lisinpril, hctz, three times daily
    I was prescribe Naproxen 375 mg per tablet three times daily I'm also on Lisinpril HCTZ 20/25 for my high blood pressure. I've notice that when I take - 43% more...
    Improvingmyself721- over a year ago - in Naproxen
  10. link Knighttime51
    Just started taking. Wondering what current side effects are?
    Knighttime51- over a year ago - in Naproxen
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