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  1. link Lkbrabham
    hand swelling on day 9 of naprosyn
    After day 9 of the prescribed 10 days of Naprosyn, I had rapid hand swelling when my arms lowered which quickly ceased when my arms were raised; only - 74% more...
    Lkbrabham- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  2. link Jimvin
    naprosyn and motren
    can i take Motren along with Naprosyn
    Jimvin- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  3. link Char122
    side effects
    Has "anyone" experienced Vertigo as side effect of Naprosyn in addition to the severe muscle pain in legs?
    Char122- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  4. link Vlick2002
    I just wonder how well this works for back pain that is ostearthritis.
    Vlick2002- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  5. link Vicki6240
    Naprosyn hurt so bad
    i was using it for to days and i could not use my hands or my knees they hurt so bad i couldnt bend them
    Vicki6240- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  6. link Jodey28
    Naprosyn symptoms of menigitis, inflammation relief, one time, mom
    My mom had symptoms of menigitis and had to go to the hospital after taking naprosyn one time. I thought she was going to die. I found out later that - 52% more...
    Jodey28- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  7. link Emmas102
    Naprosyn naproxen
    I believe that taking naproxen retains water in the body. Is this true?
    Emmas102- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  8. link Candykelly
    I was recently prescribed NapraPAC 375 for arthritis in my knee. I read an article (2/04) that NSAID use ups lymphoma rish. Does anyone know anything - 36% more...
    Candykelly- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Naprosyn
  9. link 12ab34cd
    Naprosyn heart problems, horriable, naperson, potassium, nurse
    I take back what I wrote about naperson. This drug made me sick within 1 month and a half after using it. I had to go to the hospital on July 6, 2003 - 72% more...
    12ab34cd- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
  10. link Sadiecarey
    Naprosyn naprosyn 500mg, twice daily, xanax, medication, steve carey
    my doctor has prescribed naprosyn 500mg. could you tell me a little about this drug. and it's effect with other medication's i am taking. i take xanax - 43% more...
    Sadiecarey- over a year ago - in Naprosyn
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