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  1. link Terrimiller71
    Muco-Fen resting heart rate, jittery, bronchitis, caution, medication
    I took mucofen for bronchitis, and within one hour of taking the pill, my heart was racing (resting heart rate of 95 when I am normally 55-60). I was - 61% more...
    Terrimiller71- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  2. link Lgdezines
    Muco-Fen cough suppressant, expectorant, even worse, couch
    I took last night and felt dizzy, highly agitated and anxious. Needless to say I did not take it again. I am a little confused because I have taken an - 69% more...
    Lgdezines- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  3. link Cristiana772004
    Muco-Fen inner thighs, pruritus, skirts, sensation
    After Mucofen my inner thighs were so sensitive that I could not even walk because the pain wa big. First they said it wa pruritus, but pruritus it wa - 48% more...
    Cristiana772004- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  4. link Elissampatterson
    Muco-Fen horriable
    Muco-Fen hasn't really had any horriable side effects besides making me sleepy and nervous. It's worked so far. I'm happy with it
    Elissampatterson- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  5. link Mboyd
    Muco-Fen mg tabs, bronchial problems, medecine
    I found this medecine to clear my bronchial problems almost immediate. Its wonderful. its the 1000 mg of guinefesin I believe that works. I've had 600 - 28% more...
    Mboyd- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  6. link Jamesr
    Muco-Fen sleep last night
    This medicine has made me both very tired as well as nervous. I did not get to sleep last night until 4 a.m. I am going to stop taking this medicine.
    Jamesr- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  7. link Wcj235
    muco-fen 1200mg tabs
    Can I use this for sinus congestion? Half a tablet twice a day. Used this in Oct for brochotis. Thanks
    Wcj235- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  8. link Babs7292
    Muco-fen 1000mg tab wakefield
    This drug was prescribed to losen flem and mucus in my bronical tubes. tell me is this drug ok and is there any side effects that will effect my job? - 42% more...
    Babs7292- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  9. link Motocrane
    Muco-Fen guinea pig, burning while urinating, skin rash, bad dreams, watery stool
    intestinal cramping,mucusey vaginal discharge and mucusey watery stool.burning while urinating, throbbing head. bad dreams, a feeling of paranoia and - 80% more...
    Motocrane- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
  10. link Bugdoodah
    abusable ?
    is this pill abusable in any way ?
    Bugdoodah- over a year ago - in Muco-Fen
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