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  1. link Isahealthcoach
    MoviPrep is a chemical compound containing Aspartame
    It is likely to cause neurolocial side effects. Learn more here: [link removed] Why take a chance??
    Isahealthcoach- over a year ago - in MoviPrep
  2. link Carp5035
    MoviPrep heart monitor, heart problem, fib, bp, medicine
    This stuff was way too sweet, however after checking in and having normal BP and pulse when I was hooked up to the heart monitor they discovered that - 54% more...
    Carp5035- over a year ago - in MoviPrep
  3. link Dcleary
    MoviPrep rash
    shivering, itchiness, rash all over body
    Dcleary- over a year ago - in MoviPrep
  4. link Rockreno
    MoviPrep fingers and thumbs, nurse
    When I took MoviPrep my fingers and thumbs went numb. I asked the nurse during my prep for the conlonscopy she said she had never heard of it before. - 44% more...
    Rockreno- over a year ago - in MoviPrep
  5. link Ccrooks
    MoviPrep six hours, diarrhea, waste of time, agony, time and money
    This method is just as unpleasant as the other methods I am sure. Unfortunately, this method did not work. Diarrhea did not start for over six hours. - 73% more...
    Ccrooks- over a year ago - in MoviPrep
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