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  1. link Piotr1306
    Mirtazapine sex drive, libido, 3 years, sleep
    I've been on Mirtazapine for nearly 3 years now, and have just started tapering off them, from 60mg per day to now 30mg per day. Since starting it, my libido (sex drive) has been virtually non-existent. Everything else was good, I felt better, was in - 38% more...
    Piotr1306- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine
  2. link Lester.thompson
    Mirtazapine severe headaches, blurry vision, take a nap, shoulder pain, nights rest
    I have a hard time getting up and walking after a nights rest or sitting for a while. I also have severe headaches and blurry vision. Sometimes I cannot see as it seems I have something blocking my vision. The headaches are behind my eyes and at the - 31% more...
    Lester.thompson- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirtazapine
  3. link Nancyfancy
    I have taken this drug for a long time. It really does help me sleep, along with the other cocktail of drugs i take. One thing I must mention is that the withdrawal from mirtazapine is horrendous. I thought I was having a heart attack. Just this grea - 41% more...
    Nancyfancy- over a year ago
  4. link Andlen1
    Mirtazapine severe stomach pain, lexipro, adverse reactions, psychiatrist, magnum
    My husband was hospitalized at Fl Hospital April 11 – 16, 2008. He had severe stomach pain to the point he became suicidal. We asked for a psychiatrist in the hospital. The doctor prescribed Mirtazapine along with Lexipro. After 6 days of being on th - 72% more...
    Andlen1- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine
  5. link Louise26
    side effects
    i have been taking mittazapine for about 4 months but i have been experiencing some really bad heartburn could the tablets be the cause
    Louise26- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine
  6. link Ellenb
    Weight gain
    I have been on Mirtazapine for about 3 months which I have now put on about 10 lbs which is putting me into more of a depression. I am also on Prozac, whic my psych just started me on after being on Effexor which was not working. The weight gain is v - 46% more...
    Ellenb- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine
  7. link Dutchman
    Mirtazapine sexual side effects, anhedonia, lexapro, depression, reputation
    I was taking Mirtazapine for about 18 months and despite it's reputation for not causing sexual side effects I experienced sexual anhedonia the entire time I was on it. Because It had done such a great job pulling me out of depression I was willing t - 57% more...
    Dutchman- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Mirtazapine
  8. link Dutchman
    Well I've recently returned to this medication and yes the sexual anhedonia has come back along with it.
    Dutchman- over a year ago
  9. link Wallsy
    I`ve been on mitrazapine on and of for a while now I`ve noticed the same but the doc wont belive me,before i was very active,from scott
    Wallsy- over a year ago
  10. link Jan358
    Mirtazapine quater, stomache cramps, headache, dizzieness, dopey
    iv been taking for3-4 years now,it was a major help to me but now i feel very dopey sometimes with dizzieness, i do feel this is a side affect of the drug,i have tried cutting it down but when i do i experiance terrible,terrible headache,and no pain - 62% more...
    Jan358- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine
  11. link Bastion37
    Mirtazapine hiv medications, anxiety levels, social phobia, twice daily, xanax
    We are experiencing in-crease in anger control(Short-ness with each other). Drowsy after more than nine days still. Paranoid thoughts still accurring. Sex drive has just started to come back. We are also on HIV medications,Myself also taking xanax fo - 72% more...
    Bastion37- over a year ago - in Mirtazapine