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  1. link Jd1971
    I have only taken mestinon for 6 weeks and have had severe cramping. After talking with my doctor, we lessened the dose and have had much better resul - 25% more...
    Jd1971- over a year ago - in Mestinon
  2. link Michael8bermingham
    Mestinon takeing
    i would like to know information about the side effect of the table that i an takeing? (mestinon)
    Michael8bermingham- over a year ago - in Mestinon
  3. link Jeffandjoann
    Mestinon gastrointestinal problems
    After taking mestinon for about a year, I've started having severe gastrointestinal problems. How have others handled the side effects of this drug?
    Jeffandjoann- over a year ago - in Mestinon
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