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  1. link Joanswanson
    lymphazurin shelf life
    What happens when lymphazurin is post expiration date? Is there chemical breakdown? Can I use lymphazurin 1% within one year post expiration?
    Joanswanson- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  2. link Pill1981
    Beyond-Use-Date of drug after drawn up in syringe.
    What is the shelf life or expiration time once Lymphazurin is drawn up in a syringe? How long can it be stored in a syringe if drawn up in sterile con - 6% more...
    Pill1981- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  3. link Fredricksonmd
    Can Lymphazurin be used in renal transplant patients or in patients with chronic renal insufficiency?
    Fredricksonmd- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  4. link Sivaram_dr
    hi how to procure lymphazurin via the net?
    Sivaram_dr- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  5. link Jmccarren
    Lymphazurin general anesthesia, neosynephrine, solumedrol, bronchospasm, bolus
    Anaphylaxis. While under general anesthesia, the patient developed truncal erythema, bronchospasm, and hypotension (BPsys 50-60s) within minutes of ly - 51% more...
    Jmccarren- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  6. link Ipenguin1
    Lymphazurin seizure
    is there any seizure side effects reported?
    Ipenguin1- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  7. link Fatihmd
    Hi, I am a resident at department of surgery,I have a quick question about lymphazurine. Ýs lymphazurine solved in alcohol or isotonic or d - 7% more...
    Fatihmd- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  8. link Aurioles
    Lymphazurin subcutaneous administration, h2, h1, allergy, few minutes
    allergy few minutes after subcutaneous administration: glotis, mouth and face aedema with difficult for breath. Resolved with anti-H1, anti-H2 and cor - 8% more...
    Aurioles- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
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