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  1. link Sonali
    Side effects from Lovastatin
    I have been taking Lovastatin to lower my cholesterol. After about a month of taking this medicine - I have developed congestion. I am seriously conte - 90% more...
    Sonali- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lovastatin
  2. link Keely P
    pain for 2 years
    Almost two years ago my Father who is 54 started having muscle pain, especially in his feet, about 4 months after starting Lovastatin. He went to the - 90% more...
    Keely P- over a year ago - in Lovastatin
  3. link Lindyhop0405
    Muscle Aches & pain
    I started on Lovastatin in May. After 2 weeks my body hurt so bad felt like I had been hit by a truck. Hard to get out of bed hurt so bad. I stopped w - 87% more...
    Lindyhop0405- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lovastatin
  4. link Sbaits
    Lovastatin trash cans, pain medications, extreme pain, neurologists, physical therapists
    My husband took Lovastatin for 2 months 40 mg. He got serious pain in his muscles. After stopping this drug he continued to have such extreme pain for - 83% more...
    Sbaits- over a year ago - in Lovastatin
  5. link Onedaddywags
    Lovastatin trigger finger surgery, medication
    i'm taking 40mg of lovastatin and recently had trigger finger surgery is this tied to this medication?
    Onedaddywags- over a year ago - in Lovastatin
  6. link Linda50
    Lovastatin red rice yeast, good cholesterol levels, rain deer, face legs, gnc
    I am a Diabetic. I was told to take LOVASTATIN 20MG TABLETS to protect me. When I get up in the morning my face and neck is super red, and I have a br - 88% more...
    Linda50- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lovastatin
  7. link Meryl
    Statin itching
    Anyone know how long it takes for a statin drug to leave your system once you stop taking it?
    Meryl- over a year ago - in Lovastatin
  8. link Meryl
    Lovastatin welts, ankles, spiders, meds, medication
    Thought I was getting bitten by a million spiders. Realized it was from the Lovastatin that I was itching all over with welts that look like bites. Mo - 58% more...
    Meryl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lovastatin
  9. link Samirx
    reaction to lovastatin
    my father is taking 40 mg of lovastatin a day. . for the second time since he has started taking it he has been taking to the er with excruciating pai - 68% more...
    Samirx- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lovastatin
  10. link Kikimcc
    Lovastatin insomina, foggie, memory problems, shoulder pain, trouble sleeping
    I have some memory problems, forgetfulness, and "foggie" feeling. My co-workers have noticed the change in me - these symptoms were gradual; - 49% more...
    Kikimcc- over a year ago - in Lovastatin
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