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  1. link Vidaloca
    Lopressor hoplessness, memory loss, feelings, depression
    SInce taking Lopressor, I have experienced depression and feelings of hopelessness. I also have serious memory loss issues. I ONLY 40 years old......w - 13% more...
    Vidaloca- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  2. link Clk
    Lopressor to no avail, weight gain, medication
    Been on Lopressor since November- gained about 5 pounds. Never had weight problem before. Continue to exercise regularly, to no avail. Considering goi - 45% more...
    Clk- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  3. link Eclipseisis
    Lopressor leg pain, hydrochlorothiazide, hunger
    I've noticed that I'm extremely hungry since taking this drug. Has anyone else oticed severe leg pain with this drug?
    Eclipseisis- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  4. link Jackie675
    Lopressor poor concentration, memory loss, weight gain
    I have had several. Tired,weight gain,low sexy drive, and memory loss, and poor concentration.
    Jackie675- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  5. link Spiritedcelt
    It almost put me in the hospital
    I guess that everyone doesn't respond as well to this medication. My body went haywire with Lopressor. Blood pressure went up dangerously high and it - 66% more...
    Spiritedcelt- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  6. link Sherry185
    Lopressor heart medicines, drugs, high blood pressure, advocate, beneficial
    I have been taking Lopressor for 25 YEARS! Yes as with all drugs there are side effects, but this drug is VERY safe and long term use is VERY benefici - 67% more...
    Sherry185- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  7. link Brenda127
    Lopressor cause weight gain, stay hungry, lopresor, gaining weight
    I've been on Lopresor for aprox. a month. I stay hungry all the time. I am gaining weight, tired, sleepy. I would like to know if there are other meds - 18% more...
    Brenda127- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  8. link Marilyn1332
    Lopressor gaining weight
    gaining weight
    Marilyn1332- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  9. link Callahanmom
    Lopressor dr atkins diet, cause weight gain, diet book, gain thanks, corgard
    Is anyone besides me gaining weight on Lopressor? I was put on it Aug. 2002 and by January, I had gained 10 lbs. My Dr. says no it doesn't. I work wit - 72% more...
    Callahanmom- over a year ago - in Lopressor
  10. link Mathisra
    Lopressor sexual side effects, libido
    Are there any adverse sexual side effects to Lopressor? ie; reduced or libido?
    Mathisra- over a year ago - in Lopressor
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