Lipitor Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Lipitor by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Benadams201- 3 months ago - in Lipitor
  2. link Nancymc
    achy joints and cracked skin
    I've been on 10mg lipidor for 3 months, have experienced achy joints and lower back pain. When I get out of bed I find it hard to walk for 5 minutes as my ankles are achy and stiff. I have also experienced soreness in my wrists and other joints. My h - 70% more...
    Nancymc- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  3. link Dotbagley
    Lipitor bone density test, sinthroid, lipator, frozen shoulder, left shoulder
    I have taken lipator for a number of years,within the last 3 months I have had more pain in my left shoulder and arm than any pain I have ever had in my life,I was told I was told I had extensive degenertive disc desease in my neck and spine, I had a - 72% more...
    Dotbagley- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  4. link Zotz
    My left should is frozen after my Lipitor was doubled. After a week, I could barely walk, so I stopped the Lipitor and then when everything was getting better, the left shoulder was not. I am now in physical therapy and this is really bad as I am a g - 55% more...
    Zotz- over a year ago
  5. link Olsen
    Lipitor coenzyme q10, parkinson, hand tremors, lower extremities, hand tremor
    my 60 yr. old husband experienced hand tremor and tingling, muscle twitching and jerking of legs esp. at night and immediately upon awakening, slowed reaction times, walk without swinging of arm on right side. He was diagnosed with parkinson's diseas - 77% more...
    Olsen- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  6. link Intan Allian
    I have hands shaking maby around 10 years now. I want to take the Coenzyme Q10, there is nothing problem If I take without medical advice from the Dr, ?
    Intan Allian- over a year ago
  7. link Lin20
    Permanent damage from Lipitor
    Great to hear of recovery from Lipitor. Unfortunately I have just been informed today that my problems from Lipitor 80mg are permanent. I have severe Fibromyalgia with lots of chronic pain, , nerve pain, sore muscles, concentration problems etc. My d - 68% more...
    Lin20- over a year ago - 12 Replies - in Lipitor
  8. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    That super fantastic fellow and cardioligst Peter H. Langsjoen in Texas who worked with his fantastic father, now passed on, had a patient dying from heart failure. The patients only hope was a heart transplant. These wonderful caring cardiologists f - 73% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  9. link Junkins
    Trying this for a link, www dot spacedoc dot com/peter_langsjoen
    Junkins- over a year ago
  10. link Junkins
    @Chadd. Good post and maybe this link will also help people better understand the situation re Statins, CoQ10 and heart failure. [link removed] (Peter H. Langsjoen, M.D., F.A.C.C. Physician, Biochemist and Researcher is a specialist in CoQ10 and card - 3% more...
    Junkins- over a year ago
  11. link Chadd
    @ linus: I never said that statins block the production of ALL cholesterol as you implied. Even a statin defender should know that would kill any statin user quickly. What I said was that it restricts, or limits, the amount that the body produces. In - 91% more...
    Chadd- over a year ago
  12. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    To Chadd, Statins can and do certainly reduce cholesterol to dangerously low levels causing devastating and fatal outcomes to some victims. The cholesterol number goal has continually being lowered as the sales and profits increase. In a study in the - 88% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  13. link Linus
    To Chadd, While it's true that cholesterol is an essential part of cell membranes, statins do not eliminate or "restrict" ALL the cholesterol produced in your body; they merely REDUCE the amount of cholesterol your body produces. Even with - 82% more...
    Linus- over a year ago
  14. link Chadd
    To helplesslady: Thank you for your response. It is gratifying to know that I and a few other posters have been able to help some injured patients by getting out the truth about statin drugs and cholesterol. I only wish I could get the truth out to m - 83% more...
    Chadd- over a year ago
  15. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    I hope you keep improving
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  16. link Helplesslady
    chad...and old carpetcleaner..i want to thank you for your posts, i probably would have been in a wheel chair by now, had i not read your posts.
    Helplesslady- over a year ago
  17. link Chadd
    Considering all the terrible damage that statin drugs have inflicted on unsuspecting patients, I think it is criminal for Big Pharma and their medical puppets to keep pushing these dangerous drugs on the public. But it is a huge money-making scam, as - 88% more...
    Chadd- over a year ago
  18. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    I had all the same as you plus heaps more. Wreaked in pain from head to toe, loss of eye sight, hearing, taste, smell and manhood, I ended up in the mental health crisis unit. The good news 4 years since throwing all my "safe good for you" - 62% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  19. link Pjm1234
    Lipitor pain
    Can eight lipitor pills 10 mg, cause so much husband has thigh pain that cripples him . He stopped the med ten days ago and has no relief unless he lays on the floor with a heating pad.Started cq10 . Is it worth getting a cpk test to prove it - 22% more...
    Pjm1234- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lipitor
  20. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    A cpk test may prove a statin injury but will not disprove statin injury. There are many seriously maimed statin victims who show "normal" cpk results myself included. I had a friend take statins, I think 20mgs, for 17 days it took 6 weeks - 70% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  21. link Csanto
    Lipitor and Bloating
    My Lipitor dosage was increased from 10 mg to 40 mg daily five months ago due to two stents being placed in my heart. Since then, I have had extreme bloating of the abdomen and increase in ascites (fluid). The doctors do not know if this is a side ef - 34% more...
    Csanto- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lipitor
  22. link Drtgrocki
    I stopped taking lipitor and have had an unexplained rash on my buttocks and bloating. I don't know if this is a side effect of stopping 80mg of lipitor...but, I'm glad I did. MDs must be making a huge profit from recommending statins...drug companie - 23% more...
    Drtgrocki- over a year ago
  23. link Lin20
    Will time heal Lipitor damage?
    Hi all, last time I posted here I was 1yr 3mnths off 80mg Lipitor which I was on for 6.5weeks in Sept '09. Since then the same problems are with me but to lesser degrees on and off through the years. I get about 3-4mnths a year of good health, energy - 82% more...
    Lin20- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lipitor
  24. link Yahadom
    I have been off of it since January, 2010. The only thing that has lingered is neuropathy in my right foot. Can't seem to shake that. Some days is worse than others. But it is getting better with time.
    Yahadom- over a year ago
  25. link Yahadom
    I have been off of it since January, 2010. The only thing that has lingered is neuropathy in my right foot. Can't seem to shake that. Some days is worse than others. But it is getting better with time.
    Yahadom- over a year ago
  26. link Jcitron
    Lipitor statin drugs, high cholesteral, calf muscles, muscle twitches, cramps
    I'm a 44 year old male. I was on Lipitor for four years and recently started having severe cramps in my thighs and calf muscles, severe dirrhea, severe fatigue and bloody urine. I asked my doctor if it was the Lipitor, and he said it wasn't. Probably - 85% more...
    Jcitron- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lipitor
  27. link Bcrivers
    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, however 87 and 92 are both very long lives. If I make it that long, I would be more than happy. I am not sure meds would have prolonged their lives. I was on the medication for two years. While on it, I felt - 84% more...
    Bcrivers- over a year ago
  28. link Maxinep
    Lipitor muscle biopsy, high liver, fit as a fiddle, muscle stiffness, leg cramps
    I took Lipitor for about 2 years- 5 mg. Leg cramps-soreness throughout my muscles- very sore buttocks- my legs are shaky- if I use them too much; (as in walking 3 miles) I am (was ) an avid body builder that could squat with 100 lbs- and now ( I am a - 77% more...
    Maxinep- over a year ago - 16 Replies - in Lipitor
  29. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    motherdale, send me an email to mymagnet at xtra dot co dot nz I will send you a picture of statin damaged fish flesh tissue taken at harvard
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago
  30. link Motheradele646
    Here it is January, 2012--four years after I stopped my lipitor. After being on COQ10 all this time, along with most of the supplements that SpaceDoc recommends, I have to say I have improved a little. My legs don't ache as much as they used to. I tr - 64% more...
    Motheradele646- over a year ago